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2nd April 1980 was a historic date in my life. Today, i decided to leave all my freedom life as a ordinary person into the new world called 'military life'.

Prior to that, lets me tell you why i decided to join the military? I was really frustrated when i failed my Architecture study in UTM. It took nearly six month (hanging around in KL) before i dare to go back home to face my family. I was hanging in KL doing nothing in my rental house in Jalan Bukit Keramat 4 (with my ex-coursemates). End up with pocket getting dried up, i got no choice, go back to my kampong. Back to 'kebun getah, kelapa sawit and kopi' helping my parent. How long i will be like this? SPM 1st grader hanging around in kampong!. My mind was spiraling to get a solutions. To further study ?(next choice will be ITM). I don't want to cause more trouble to my father (to support me). To work? Who want to employ 1st grader? The potential employer would know that I only look for temporary job. When i was in KL, I applied for 'JKR draughtman' and 'kerani syarikat bas ekspress' but after interview, i didnt get the answer.

Quietly i applied for Officer Cadet training (for the second time). I went to interview at JB Garrison (Majidee Camp) and i was very fortunate, I passed all the physical and theoritical test. I also passed through the No 2 and No 3 Board interview successfully. Just waiting for the offer letter. I also succeeding my aero-medical test in IPP,KL Base.

Gambar terakhir sebagai 'civilian' sebelum lapor diri ke SPK

(menjalani 'aircrew medi-check' di IAM, KL Base)
who are in the photo?... from left; Lokman Abd Rahman, Syed Ahmad, Lokman Abdullah, me and Raveenthran

Finally, I received the offer letter from MINDEF together with train 'travel warrant' from Kluang to Seremban. I left my kampong on to Kluang railway station. I couldnt remember who sent me off that day but my mother was there. After shake and kiss her hand, I did not see her any more. I did not dare, coz it will make me cry. After the train moved forward then I could feel my tears flowing down. No turning back. I had decided my way of life, something that was not in my parents' mind. Eventhough last 4 years, Amir (my cousin) had also made his way into the military life, but not me. Poor boy. I couldn't imagine, what was in their mind.

In the train I met Kamarulzaman and Lokman (both attended the interview with me at JB). I also met Yohanez and Marmilah (ladies cadet candidate- both from Segamat) for the first time.

We arrived Seremban and convoyed to Kem Sebatang Kara, Port Dickson (by 3 tonner or truck). Along the way, actually I was blank, still in dilemma, either I my decision to come here was right ot wrong?

I started my 'hell of military life' and known of Short Commissioned Cadet Intake 37 or "TJP 37" at Sekolah Pegawai Kedet (SPK), Kem Sebatang Kara, Port Dickson (for the regular intake cadet, their training conducted at RMC, Sg Besi Camp). Our Commandant was Kol Mohd Zain bin Daud and the CI was Lt Kol Adnan bin Abd Aziz.

Familiarization and Orientation

The first 3 days in Seginting Camp we were doing the administrative works. The realmilitary life was not come yet. We were issued with uniform, 2 pairs of PD Green, drill boot, PT kits- blue shorts and green T-shirts. (we called it PT Bodoh) etc. Hair cutting was the first sign of 'uniformity. Tears looking at our bundle of hair dropped onto the floor.

Third day. That morning we were directed to gather inside the hall. Wearing PD Green with drill boots. Every body was given a last chance (3 time offer) if any body willing to withdraw before the 'sumpah perwira' taking place. After taking an oath...and printed our 10 fingers.... our life as a soldier began. First we were introduced with a line PTIs. The 'salam perkenalan 'to the Seginting Camp stated with running around the accomodation blocks. Not only running, we had to duck walk and frog jump. All the cadets were forced to run climb the hillside and slide roll down. Two cadets (Shaharudin and Lim were killed due to serious injuries) and many more suffered serious injuries but survived. Some of them were admitted in the hospital for more than 3 weeks. One of them is now Brig Jen Dato' Kamalruzaman TUDM.

Kasturi Battalion

Initially, after the registration day, the whole intake of cadets (about 260) were put in one 'Cadet Batallion' located in Kem Seginting, Port Dickson. The main reason was, at that time or seniors (Intake 36) which supposed to be commissioned in January/Feb 1980 was extended another 3 months (due to their failure in the final exercise). They occupied the dedicated SPK Camp in Kem Sebatang Kara. Their commissioning parade was postponed to May 1980.

After the TJP36 commissioning day, TJP37 was divided into 3 battalions, Tuah battalion moved up to Kem Sebatang Karah and Jebat and Kasturi Battalion occupied in Kem Seginting.

TJP37 Kasturi Battalion

Note: The photo was taken on the parade square. If you can see the white staicase (photo background). There are 64 stairs from the ground level (parade square) to reach the football field up there. During the orientation day (led by the PTI), all the cadets were forced to run climb the hillside and slide roll down. Two cadets (Shaharudin and Lim Cheng Wah were killed due to serious injuries) and many more suffered serious injuries but survived.

Mej Fathulzaman bin Bukhari (CO) - retired Lt Col,
Kapt Salahuddin (2 i/c)
Kapt Fazlur Rahman (now Brig Jen Dato'- Army Asst Chief- Reserve)
Kapt Wong Ah Tai (OC B Coy)- retired Major
Kapt Sunny Mathews (OC C Coy)- retired Major
PW2 Mohd Som Salleh (Batt Sgt Major)

In OCS (SPK) we learnt the following subjects:
  1. Drill (Kawat)-Kawat kaki, kawat senjata dan kawat pedang.
  2. Physical Training (PT) incl long march and obstacles.
  3. Ilmu Medan Perang (inc Ikhtiar Hidup) or 'IMP'.
  4. Senjata (handling and firing) SLR, M16, Pistol, GPMG, Carl Gustav and Mortar.
  5. Map Reading.
  6. Administration.
  7. Staff Duties.
  8. Signal and Radio Communication.
  9. General Service Knowledge.
  10. Military Leadership and Etiquette.
  11. Exercise (Escape & Evasion and Ex-Wira Jaya )


A Foot Drill is an essential part of the military training regiment of today's Armed Forces. "Foot Drill" or "Drill" stems from the seventeenth century, when soldiers used to march into battle, where they would be expected to gather in a formation, and react to words of command from their commanders once the battle commenced; for example, "Fix Bayonets", which is still used today, albeit not on the battle field, but to provide a spectacle at military events and parades. Much of the drill done today is either ceremonial, or implemented as a core part of training in the Armed Forces. Military discipline is enhanced by drill, as it requires instant obedience to commands.

Drill came into its own when marching formations of soldiers cross-country. For example, officers could form men from an eight-wide route march formation to a two-wide formation for passing through gates and other narrow passages, without losing time or cohesion. Drill was used to efficiently maneuver formations around and through obstacles. Drill was often used as a forerunner to great battles; during them it justified itself. It was also utilized after battles, where quick restoration of the corporate unity of an element was required.

Drill commands.

Most of the commands in modern drill are separated into two distinct parts; the Preparatory Command, and the Command of Execution. The preparatory command indicates to the person performing the movement that a command of execution is soon to follow. The command of execution indicates the movement to be performed. An example of this is the command "Present ARMS", which is utilized to command a group of soldiers to render salute. In this command, the word "Present" is the preparatory command, whereas the following word, "ARMS" is the command of execution. The movement is performed immediately upon reception of the execution command.

When issuing the command, vocal inflection is varied so that the preparatory command is given less emphasis, and the most emphasis is placed on the command of execution. There is usually a slight hesitation between each element of the command, about the duration of a finger snap. Other examples of the two-part command structure are:

  1. Bariiiiiiisss.....SEDIA" ... to make it sharp normally the parade commander pronounced it as "Barissss.....SEDIAP".
  2. Senanggggg....DIRI" become "Senannnnnnnng DIRIP".
  3. Rusukkkkkkkk....SENJATA" become, "Rusuuuuuuuk... SENJATAP".
  4. Ke Kanannnnnn.................. PUSING".

Drill movements.

All drill movements are performed from the base position of Attention. In this position, the person performing the movement stands straight, arms down and slightly flexed, fingers curled in to the palm, thumbs pointed down and placed against the seam of the trouser, and the feet positioned at a forty-five degree angle with heels together. The most common command given by leaders to gather their elements into formations, standing at attention, is the command "Fall IN". From this position, almost any other drill command can be executed.

The most difficult part in practicing drill is to synchronise the command and the steps or body movement. As a parade commander, you must be very careful in giving the command, especially for the moving troop. The ending of the command must be sharp and stop at the right step of the troop (mean, at the time when the drill boot touch the ground. It can be on the right foot or left. Depend, either you are giving command for slow march and fast march. If you give command on the wrong step, the whole parade will be hay-wired.

Preparing for drill was another agony. In the first, we were issued with basic military dress, including drill boots. The surface of drill boots was rough and hard. You have to make it shining. The most difficult part was at the early stage to make the rough surface become smooth. Many initiatives were shown (mostly we learnt from the ex-RMC boys). But, the most popular tools were either using heater coil or you burn the spoon, then you 'tenyeh' at the boot surface. It would take hours to make it smooth. After smoothen the surface, then finally you can shine it by using 'KIWI', brush and kiwi clothes (all were issued). The standard of shining for our boots was 'boleh tengok gigi" in the mirror. So, every evening, before going to bathroom, we would scattering around the block (barrack) to shine our drill boots.


Shooting or firing was interesting but learning about the weapon was sleepring! In SPK (OCS) you have to learn variosu type of weapon, among them were Colt M-16, SLR, GPMG, pistol (browning), Carl Gustav, grenade and Mortar. We learned the detail parts of the weapon, how to dismantle/disassemble and how to reassemble them. The formula was "first out first in". So, you must arrange the parts in order (on the poncho) accordingly. So, later will be easy for you to pick based on 'first out'.

Weapon class was boredom. Not in the classroom but 'squad hut' (pondok). Normally the wood bench was short and could not accommodate the whole group (squad). The rest have to standing around the instructor (a Sergeant). Those who sat on the bench would be the first who fell into sleep (because they were so comfortable. And, the worst part was, those who were 'standing' were also caught for sleeping. End up the whole squad were punished. Normally 20 press up or run around the 'squad hut' or 'slapping' each other.

The shooting (practical) was interesting. First not because we all like shooting but that day will be no PT, no drills and no classroom. The whole jin-beng had to go to riffle range. From early morning to late evening. Rations were also carried to the range. Another interesting part was, while waiting for the details (we have two jobs; in the 'firing detail' and 'target party'). Other than that groups will be sleeping under the tree.

with Seginting Rifle Range as a background

with Cadet Sgt Sanusi Samion (now Col TUDM)

break time near to the shooting range


Character is the foundation for all we will do as a soldier and all we can become. Throughout our training, we all learned the Seven Army Values:

  1. Loyalty.
  2. Duty.
  3. Respect.
  4. Selfless Service.
  5. Honour.
  6. Integrity.
  7. Personal Courage

Among the commanders and instructors who I could still remember were:

  1. Maj Mohamad bin Ibrahim (retired Lt Col)- deceased - CO Tuah Bn.
  2. Maj Hon Mun Long (retired Brig Gen, Dato')- CO Jebat Bn.
  3. Mej Hashim bin Puteh (retired Lt Col).
  4. Mej Mohammad Sultan (died in 2009).
  5. Kapt Che Hasni bin Ahmad (rtd Mej Jen Dato'- Commander of Army Training Command).
  6. Kapt Abd Aziz (retired Lt Col).
  7. Kapt Md Shah Harun (2i/c Jebat) - retired Maj (once was my neighbour in OMQ Block 4501, Lorong Golok, Kem KEMENTAH).
  8. Kapt Hamzah Ahmad (Armour) - School's Adjutant.
  9. Kapt Nazaruddin (Armour).
  10. Kapt Amiruddin (RMR).
  11. Kapt Rahmat (Arty).
  12. Kapt Hamid (Arty).
  13. Kapt Kamarudin (RMR)
  14. Kapt Rosli (RMR).
  15. Kapt Dahari Hussein (RMR)- (retired in 2010 as Mej Jen Dato'- Director of Army Intelligence).
  16. Kapt Mohamad Bidin (Ord).
  17. Kapt Affendy (EME) - (now Brig Jen Dato'- Asst COS Defence Logistic, MAF HQ).
  18. Kapt Jalilul Mahali (Rgr).
  19. Kapt Kamarul (Armour).
  20. Kapt Lim Eng Tai (Signal) - retired Lt Kol.
  21. Kapt Fauzi (RMAF).
  22. Kapt Erwin Ratnasingam (RMAF).
  23. Lt Adri Juhan bin Abdullah (RMN).
  24. Lt Norhuda Ahmad (TA) - now Kolonel in Intelligence Corps

Overseas Cadet School

Towards the end of the training, some of our comrades were selected for overseas Cadet Schools, among them were Ahmad Hasbullah and Isha (going to Portsea, Australia) and Tahir (Sandhurst)


The 9 month training was crushed and intensive. So, not much time space for games or sport. But, to maintain the morale, espirit d'corps and create competitive environment between the 3 battalions, the school organized were games competition. Only football and volleyball. I was in Kasturi volleyball team.... but as a subtitute player.

Inter-Bn Volleyball Competition

Jebat Bn (blue) vs Kasturi (green)

(Standing: extreme left is PKU Kamalruzaman (now Brig Jen Dato'), 8th from left is PKU Badrul Hisham (died in sea capsize 1983), extreme right is PK Abd Halim (deceased)
Squatting extreme left is PKU Romlee (now Kol), 3rd from left is PKU Abd Rashid Suhaimee (now Kept APMM)

PK Salim K (Lt Kol), PK Shamsudin Sulaiman (Lt Kol), me & PK Yasib

Dining Hall of Bn Kasturi TJP 37

Dinner with TJP 38
(abang pakai planters order, adik pakai baju kebangsaan)

Mej Fathulzaman Bokhari (CO Bn Kasturi and Kol Mohd Zain Daud (Commandant)

PK Sharifuddin, PK Rusli (fled) PK Khairudin and Me

Lt Kol Adnan (CI), Kol Mohd Zain (Comdt) & Mej Fathulzaman (Bn CO)

PK Nazli, PK x, PK Sanusi, me PK Zaki & PK Shahrin


RM400/month. However,every month after all the deductions (uniforms, mess bills ect), only left about RM100-150 in our pocket.

Instructor checking hankerchief before going to dinner party
(in uniform is Kapt Jalilul Mahali)

Me and Saib (in track-suit) with our junior (TJP38) Cadet Officer Mohd Nor Bon (my buddy-buddy)- Saib retired as Major (chopper pilot) and Md Noor (Bond) retired as Capt and changed his career into more glamorous life, ie to be a businessman cum drama actor.

Ready for night class prep

Stdg from left, PK Zamanhuri (deceased), PK Nazli (Lt Kol), PK Shahrin (rtd), PK Shamsudin (Lt Kol), PK Salim K (Lt Kol), PK Tahir (rtd Maj), PK Azman Daud (Lt Kol), PK Nazri (Lt Kol), PK Fuad (rtd Kapt)
Sqtg from left; PK Hamdan (rtd), PK Sazali Rauf (Maj), PK Hussein Md Tahir (deceased), me and PKU Razak Mat (Lt Kol)

Watching hockey tournament at Seremban
front row, from left; PK A.Hasbullah (Lt Gen Dato Seri), PK John ak Gila, PKU Hasaza (Kol U), PK Amin Nudin and PK x.
second row; PKU Razlah (rtd Kapt U), me, PK Fadzil (Mej), PKU Jumali (Lt Kol), and PK Sohemi (rtd Kapt). third row; x, PK Adnan (rtd Maj), PK Halim (Brig Jen Dato'), PK Tahar (Lt Kol), PK Mahathir (rtd Kapt), PK Jasni (Maj) and PKU Khairudin (rtd Lt Kol U).

a cut from TJP37 Kasturi Batt photo (RMAF cadets; from left Razak Mat (Lt Col), Saib (retired Maj), me, Sanusi (Col) and Hisham (deceased- he died in accident in RMAF Kuantan 1986- Lt)

with Cadet Officer Kamaruzzaman Wagiman (heli pilot and left as Kapt TUDM in end of 80s)


During Raya Haji, We all were given weekend off. That morning i forgot to read the Part I Order. I went out happily with my friends for Hari Raya. On the way back (by bus) in the late evening, one of my friend shouted at me, "Toha!, you are on duty today!. My blood gone up 'berderau'. My goodness!, I absent guard duty!. I was charged and summarily dealt by my CO (Fathulzaman) and given 7 day Extra Drill. I think, I was the only cadet in TJP37 intake, had been tried and awarded a punishment by the CO due to 'absent from guard duty'. Lesson learned. I think, I was the only Cadet experienced with charged for absent from the place of duty, tried and punishedby the CO.

Once, I failed to perform my task as a platoon commander during the ambush exercise. After doing the appreciation, we move toattack the CT camp. However we loss the track! we enter the CT parameter (supposed to be killed by the enemy). The whole platoon we punished, deep into the swamp.

Kesah Lucu (Funny memories)

In one of the field class for 'IMP' nearby the padang bola. We learned about 'menembak sasaran musuh' (i could not remember the right term). Our instructor, one WO (I could not remember his name) taught us how the Section Commander give order to the section members.

"Seksyen....... pandang hadapan.....pukul 2 (means about 20 degree to the right), pokok daun warna kuning, itu Sarimah (we were taught to give any name to the target). Di situ ada musuh, tubi-tubi tembakkkkkk"

The turn to be a Section Comd was PK Goh Choon Peng (Cina Melaka). So, Goh repeat what was taught by the instructor.

"Seksyen, pandang hadapan, pukul 2, pokok kuning, Sarimahhhh..... (pause and he unable continue the order).... and after 3 to 4 time repeating he stop at the word 'Sarimah'.

So the instr got fed up and shout Goh.

"Hoiii Goh!!!!!.... berapa kali nak ulang tuuuuuu...... dah berbueh BURIT Sarimah, kau tak tembak jugakkkkk"

Kah kah kah kahhhhhhh.... we couldn't control our laugh....

Ladies Cadet

There were 22 ladies cadet in TJP37. They were first TJP ladies intake in the Armed Forces history. Prior to this all the ladies officers in the Armed Forces were absorbed from the Territorial Army or Voluntarily Service. Their barrack located at Kem Sebatang Karah (near to Tuah Battalion).

Initially the other battalion felt jealous because we were far away from the 'bunga'. However, later we changed our mind due to many reasons; some of them were; SAKIT HATI coz the ladies cadets were given previlages in front of the men counterparts, the men were punished or bullied by the instructors in front of the ladies.

Some of the Ladies Cadets (first row; from left Siti Zaleha and Yohanez (both now Lt Col)

Air Force Cadets

The date of commissioning for TJP 37 was 24 January 1981. For those who were selected to go for overseas cadet training (Sandhurst and Portsea) and air force (pilot candidates where they only commissioned after obtaining their flying wings or date of chopped from flying), the date of the commissioning fell after 24 January 1981. However, the date of seniority remained 24 January 1981.

3rd Term Cadet


Until date (Sep 2010), means 29 years after our commissioning date, majority of the the TJP37 Cadet Intake achieved the rank of Lt Col or equivalent. Some still holding Major. Leading the high achievers of TJP37 is Pegawai Kedet Ahmad Hasbullah bin Hj Mohd Nawawi. He is now (Dec 2009) Lieutenant General, commanding the Army Field Command. The following are those who achieved above Lt Col:

  1. Lt Jen Dato' Seri Ahmad Hasbullah bin Mohd Nawawi SPTS DCSM DSAP DPMS DPMK- RAMD (Jebat) - Portsea - Panglima Medan TD, Sg Besi (with 5 Datukship)

  2. Brig Jen Dato' Abd Halim bin Jalal DPKK - RAMD (Kasturi)- LPK (attending course in Australia)

  3. Brig Jen Mohd Zamrose bin Mohd Zain -RAMD (Jebat) - Panglima 4 Briged Mekanis, Kuantan

  4. Brig Jen Dato' Kamarulzaman bin Mohd Othman DIMP TUDM (Jebat).

  5. Brig Jen Azlan bin Abd Rahman RAMD (Tuah).

  6. Kol Abd Malek bin Ali -RAMD (Tuah)- Komandan Kolej Tentera Udara, Kem Ulu Tiram, Johor.

  7. Kol Sanusi bin Samion TUDM (Kasturi) - Pengarah Pembangunan Sumber Manusia, Markas UDM

  8. Kol Muhammad Suhaimi bin Ashaari TUDM (Kasturi)- Pengarah PUSPEKA, PU Subang.

  9. Kol Hj Hasaza bin Hanafiah TUDM (Kasturi)- Ketua Staf Sistem, Markas Logistik Udara.

  10. Kol Hj Romlee bin Yahaya TUDM (Jebat)- Pegawai Memerintah No 2 Skn, PU Subang.

  11. Kol Toharudin bin Abd Rasid TUDM (Kasturi)- Ketua Staf Khidmat, Markas Logistik Udara

  12. Kol Abd Halim bin Idris- Risik BSPP

  13. Kol Felix Gonsalves TUDM (Tuah) - Pengarah Air Warfare Centre.

"the most glittering star from TJP37 galaxy - Ahmad Hasbullah"

Military Daze

Most of the vulgar words listed below are 'unacceptable' to the public or layman. I first hear after joining the cadet training. These are the words frequently used by our instructor (especially officers) during the training. End up those words become 'a normal' to our ears.

  1. BLOODY FOOL - bodoh
  2. BLOODY HELL - celak!
  3. BASTARD - tak guna
  4. FUCK YOU - kepala hotak kamu
  5. FUCK UP - failure
  6. FUCKER - someone who pisses you off
  7. COCK UP - failure, mess or mistake
  8. COCK STAND - immense pleasure
  9. BULL SHIT - penipu! jangan nak kelentong aku!
  10. FUCK YOUR ASS HOLE - bodoh sangat laaa, ketuk kepala engkau sendiri laaa)
  11. FUCK ALL - buat tak tau, buat bodoh
  12. FUCK OFF - leave me alone, get out off here
  13. FUCKING SHIT - siallllll, aku give up....
  14. YOU FUCKERs - kau orang semua...
  15. SON OF BITCH - someone being arrogant, rude, obnoxious, or just a total dickhead
  16. TALK COCK - talking nonsense
  17. MUNTAH KE DARAH - 'makan', more accurate 'you eat until you forget, ignore or delay your job'.


  1. PK Shaharudin (cadet training) - 1980

  2. PK x (Chinese guy) (cadet training)- 1980

  3. Lt M Zamanhuri bin Alang Ahmad -RAMD (in unit physical training -Ipoh)- 1981

  4. Lt M Bala Chandra a/l Loganathan -RRD (in unit training at PULADA) -1981

  5. .......Mohd Khairi bin Othman (no facts)

  6. Lt M Haldin bin Sudin TUDM (road accident at Kluang)- 1982

  7. Lt M Hisham bin Ahmad TUDM (road accident at Kuantan)- 1986

  8. .......Abd Halim Sudin- RAMD (no facts)

  9. Lt M Badrul Hisham TUDM (capsized and drowned -P.Dickson) - 1983

  10. Mej Kamarudin bin Ibrahim TUDM (aircraft crashed) - 1994

  11. Kapt (B) Zainal Abidin bin Ahmad-JLJ (heart attack)- 2008

  12. Mej Zainudin Abd Ghani - RGK (heart attack) - 2009

    untuk almarhum rakan-rakan yang beragama islam, marilah kita sama-sama sedekahkan fatihah semoga mereka mendapat keampunan dari Allah Taala.

Pic in 2009- THREE IN ONE (TJP 37) : from left Lt Col Abdul Razak Hussein (RAR), Lt Gen Ahmad Hasbullah A. Nawawi (RMR) and Mej Mohd Ariffin Saimon (RMR).

Razak is our President of S37 Association.



  1. 3001401 PK Abd Rahim bin Mohamed -

  2. 3001404 PK Ahmad Hasbullah bin Hj Mohd Nawawi - (now Lt Jen Dato Seri)

  3. 3001407 PK Azlan bin Abdul Rahman - (now Brig Jen)

  4. 3001425 PK Asran bin Borhan -left Kapt

  5. 3001452 PK Din bin Ali - retired - left Kapt

  6. 3001456 PK Firuz Ahmad bin Abd Wahab -

  7. 3001474 PK Jamaludin bin A. Ghani - left Kapt

  8. 3001478 PK Ku Ahmad Khir bin Ku Abdullah -

  9. 3001500 PK Mohamad Fadzil bin Ibrahim

  10. 3001508 PK Mohd Saiful bin Abd Rashid -

  11. 3001510 PK Abdul Malik bin Ali - now Kol

  12. 3001556 PK Salihuddin bin Daud - Mej

  13. 3001439 PK Ahmad Ghazali bin Putih - now Lt Kol

  14. 704862 PK Ishak bin Hashim (ex-RMAF LAC) - Mej

  15. 3001777 PK Zamrose bin Mohd Zain - (now Brig Jen)

  16. 3001462 PK Hasnol bin Abdullah

  17. 3001461 PK Harizan bin Ahmad

  18. 3001774 PK Roslan bin Md Kadak @ Hj Sharif - now Lt Kol

  19. 3001492 PK Mohd Ishak bin Mat Isa

  20. 3001544 PK Shafri bin Mohamad - left Kapt

  21. 3001550 PK Sharifuddin bin Tajuddin

  22. 3001612 PK Aminudin bin Abdul Samad - left Mej

  23. 3001490 PK Mohd Ariffin bin Saimun - now Lt Kol

  24. 3001543 PK Shohemi bin Hashim - Mej

  25. 3001493 PK Mohd Rosli bin Yassin

  26. 3001449 PK Che Ruzian bin Yassin

  27. 3001453 PK Fadzil bin Abdullah

  28. 3001510 PK Mohd Hairudin bin Mukri- now Mej

  29. 3001408 PK Azmi bin Ismail

  30. 3001522 PK Mohd Sahar bin Said -Mej

  31. 3001460 PK Hamzah bin Hassan -Mej

  32. 3001785 PK Khadari bin Yaacob

  33. 3001787 PK Mahadzir bin Hashim - left Kapt

  34. 3001421 PK Azlan bin Abd Aziz - now Lt Kol (tauliah TJP 38)

  35. 3001551 PK Syed Khobibun bin Syed Ngah

  36. 210353 PK Mohamad Isa bin Hassan (ex-MP Corporal)

  37. 3001511 PK Mohamad Jamil bin Alang Abd Aziz

  38. 3001528 PK Nor Azmi bin Abd Karim

  39. 3001532 PK Pazil bin Mat - Mej

  40. 3001523 PK Mazlan bin Yusof

  41. 3001501 PK Mohd Anwar bin Mohd Yusooff - Mej

  42. 3001567 PK Zamani bin Johar - left Mej

  43. 3001608 PK Abdul Halim bin Sudin - deceased

  44. 3001479 PK Khairuddin bin Abd Wahid - left Kapt

  45. 3001562 PK Yusof bin Saidi

  46. 3001497 PK Mohd Shafie bin Mohd Arshad - now Mej

  47. 3001554 PK Shamsuddin bin Sulaiman - now Lt Kol

  48. 3001451 PK Che Harun bin Mat Hashim

  49. 3001412 PK Azmi bin A Hamid - retired Mej

  50. 3001547 PK Saifulbahari bin Abdullah - now Mej

  51. 3001526 PK Nazri bin Alias -now Lt Kol

  52. 3001610 PK Adi Mazlin bin Marmuji -

  53. 3001503 PK Mohamad Yatim bin Mohamad Noor - now Lt Kol

  54. 3001611 PK Ahmad Azan bin Ridzuan - now Mej

  55. 3001512 PK Hanafiah bin Mohd Ramli

  56. 530276 PK Mohd Zaki bin Ismail

  57. 3001764 PK Mazhar bin Palil - left Mej

  58. 3001414 PK Abd Halim bin Jalal - (now Brig Jen Dato')

  59. 3001553 PK Syed Hussein bin Syed Ibrahim - left Kapt

  60. 3001438 PK Ahmad Nadzari bin Md Isa - now Lt Kol

  61. 3001509 PK Mohd Zaman Huri bin Alang Ahmad - deceased

  62. 3001494 PK Mohd Hanifah bin Hussain

  63. 3001437 PK Ahmad Kamal bin Hassan

  64. 3001706 PK Muhammad bin Mansor

  65. 3001794 PK Mohd Khairi bin Othman - deceased


  1. 3001444 PK Bala Chandra a/l Rengasamy - deceased

  2. 3001455 PK Frizan Ali bin Safi Mohamad -left Mej

  3. 3001473 PK John anak Gila

  4. 3001613 PK Azhar bin Abas

  5. 3001469 PK Ishak bin Haji Johar - now Lt Kol

  6. 3001440 PK Abu Hanifah bin Abdul Rahman

  7. 3001773 PK Peter Cheong Pek Hock @ Mohd Nasir bin Abdullah - left Mej

  8. 3001533 PK Quah Boon Hock @ Mohd Firdaus Quah bin Abdullah - now Lt Kol - first time I met him (after commissioned) at Ipoh (he and me attended 'Pramuda' passing out parade at ILTU Ipoh).

  9. 3001560 PK Vasuthevan a/l Loganathan

  10. 3001480 PK Khairul Anuar bin Ismail - left Kapt (met him at ITM Shah Alam in 1987, the second one, during reunion Majlis Buka Puasa at CT One Forze, Aug 2010)

  11. 3001616 PK Hamdan bin Abdullah -left Kapt (1992).

  12. 3001549 PK Salim bin Konek - now Lt Kol

  13. 3001464 PK Harbahajan Singh a/l Tejah Singh

  14. 3001466 PK Holilulshukri bin Md Jais - left Kapt

  15. 3001559 PK Vijaya Seharan a/l Narayanan

  16. 3001465 PK Hamdan bin Othman - left Kapt

  17. 3001471 PK Juan Chow Huat @ Johan bin Abdullah - now Mej

  18. 3001565 PK Zainudin bin Abd Hamid

  19. 3001539 PK Raphael Tan @ Tan Cher San

  20. 3001535 PK Rosli bin Abd Razak

  21. 3001450 PK Chuan Chin Aun

  22. 502486 PK D Swami Gwekanandan al David (Ex Corporal)

  23. 3001542 PK Roslan bin Abd Hamid

  24. 3001417 PK Amran bin Baharom

  25. 300xxxx PK Kamaruzzaman bin Abd Aziz - now Lt Kol

  26. 300xxxx PK Azlan bin Abd Aziz - now Lt Kol


  1. 3001411 PK Ajhman bin Haji Bakur - now Lt Kol

  2. 3001504 PK Mazlan bin Shamsuddin

  3. 3001563 PK Zainal bin Rashid

  4. 3001418 PK Azmi bin Mohd

  5. 3001405 PK Lee Man Tat

  6. 3001483 PK Kamaluddin bin Mohamad

  7. 3001448 PK Che Jamal Bin Othman Shah

  8. 3001502 PK Mohd Tahar bin Abd Razak - Lt Kol

  9. 3001454 PK Fildauz bin Harun

  10. 3001457 PK Ganesan a/l Jaganathan - now Lt Kol

  11. 3001403 PK Ahmad Nasir bin Abdul Majid

  12. 3001415 PK Abd Mubin bin Othman

  13. 3001416 PK Abdul Razak bin Hussin - now Lt Kol

  14. 3001568 PK Zuraimi bin Mohamad


  1. 3001769 PK Mohd Razif bin Atan (Best cadet- Overall)

  2. 3001434 PK Abd Jamil bin Mohd Isa

  3. 3001475 PK Jasni bin Mohd Noor - Mej

  4. 3001482 PK Khalid bin Ismail

  5. 3001499 PK Manisegaran a/l S. Vadivel (left and joined PDRM)

  6. 3001545 PK See Kum Chong

  7. 3001615 PK Buhari bin Abd Ghani

  8. 3001540 PK Roslan bin Md Ali

  9. 3001467 PK Hamzah bin Hashim

  10. 704254 PK Mat Isa bin Singah (ex-RMAF LAC)


  1. 3001784 PK Ab Azih bin Ab Ghani - left Kapt

  2. 3001703 PK Kamaruzzaman bin Mohamad

  3. 3001409 PK Adnan bin Hashim - left Mej

  4. 3001485 PK Mohd Nordin bin T.P Kunjipathy - now Lt Kol

  5. 3001443 PK Badrul Hisham bin Suda - now Lt Kol

  6. 3001419 PK Abd Rahman bin Tarmiji - now Mej

  7. 3001793 PK Abdillah bin Awang - now Lt Kol

  8. 3001529 PK Nazlan bin Dato' Abdul 'As - left Mej

  9. 3001530 PK Nik Abd Rahman Fathil bin Dato' Nik Mustapa - left Mej


  1. 3001427 PK Abdul Halim bin Idris (later changed to Risik)

  2. 3001507 PK Majdi bin Kamaruddin - Lt Kol

  3. 3001768 PK Mohd Noor bin Othman

  4. 3001524 PK Mahazir bin Ibrahim

  5. 3001561 PK Yousof bin Ibrahim

  6. 3001515 PK Mat Hashim bin Muhmad

  7. 3001765 PK Mohd Azahri bin Zainal

  8. 3001778 PK Zulkarnain bin Abu Bakar - Lt Kol

  9. 3001517 PK Mohamad Norzuki binMohd Yusof

  10. 3001458 PK Goh Choon Peng

  11. 3001463 PK Hussin bin Haji Mohd Tahir - deceased

  12. 3001558 PK Tajry bin Jonid

  13. 3001552 PK Saad bin Jaimun

  14. 3001538 PK Robert Foo Yap Sia


  1. 3001491 PK Mohd bin Diwi

  2. 3001521 PK Mohamad bin Hamzah

  3. 3001557 PK Syed Azhar bin Syed Abu Bakar -Mej

  4. 3001566 PK Zainudin bin Abdul Ghani -deceased (Mej)

  5. 3001519 PK Mohd Azam bin Mohamad

  6. 3001780 PK Mohd Idrus bin Musa -

  7. 3001481 PK Khairul Anuar bin Yaacob - Lt Kol

  8. 3001495 PK Mohd Shariff bin Yahya

  9. 3001548 PK Sazali bin Abdul Rauf - Mej


  1. 3001772 PK Norzahari bin Zeelan

  2. 3001484 PK Lokman bin Abdullah

  3. 3001488 PK Mohd Azman bin Ali

  4. 3001413 PK Affendi bin Hj Yahya

  5. 3001486 PK Mohd Azman bin Mohd Anuar

  6. 3001771 PK Mustapa bin Ahmad

  7. 3001472 PK Jaafar bin Marlan - now Kol

  8. 211006 PK Mohd Razi bin Yasin

  9. 3001520 PK Mohamed Shah bin Abd Rahman - Lt Kol

  10. 3001570 PK Zakaria bin Mohamed

  11. 3001423 PK Abd Rahman bin Hashim

  12. 502404 PK Kamar bin Manja

  13. 3001505 PK Mardzuki bin Abd Shukor


  1. 3001704 PK Lod bin Atan - Lt Kol

  2. 3001767 PK Mohd Jaudin bin Mat Saad

  3. 3001431 PK Abd Razak bin Siran - Mej

  4. 3001525 PK Mohd Aziz bin Hamid

  5. 3001428 PK Ahmad Nordin bin Husain

  6. 3001614 PK Azman bin Daud - Lt Kol

  7. 3001775 PK Shahrin bin Osman -left

  8. 3001426 PK Ahmad Suhaimi bin Mohd Hashim

  9. 3001441 PK Abdul Ghafar bin Hj Ibrahim

  10. 807642 PK Jabar bin Ahmad

  11. 3001432 PK Abd Razak bin Abd Majid -joined TUDM- left Mej

  12. 3001477 PK Khalid bin Hamid

  13. 3001459 PK Hamdan bin Abd Rahim -left Mej

  14. 30015xx PK Mohd Roslan bin Shaari - now Lt Kol


  1. 3001792 PK Jaafar bin Pangat

  2. 3001786 PK Abu Zahrem bin Che Daud

  3. 3001782 PK Kamaruddin bin Ibrahim

  4. 3001564 PK Zulkhurnain bin Ahmad - Lt Kol

  5. 3001516 PK Mahmad Bokkhari bin Mohamad

  6. 3001555 PK Subramaniam a/l Vengadasalam

  7. 3001788 PK Mohd Suhaimi bin Saat

  8. 3001789 PK Ahmad bin Ismail - now Lt Kol

  9. 3001569 PK Zainal Abidin bin Ahmad - deceased

  10. 3001609 PK Abd Rahim bin Mohamad -left Mej

  11. 3001781 PK Mohd Husin bin Abdullah

  12. 3001790 PK Mohd Yusof bin Awang

  13. 3001489 PK Mohd Fanashim Benson bin Hashim - Lt Kol

  14. 3001487 PK Mohd Nasir bin Sulaiman - left Mej



  1. 371237 PK U Kamaruzaman bin Wagiman (left Kapt)

  2. 371236 PK U Kamalruzaman bin Mohd Othman (now Brig Jen Dato')

  3. 371219 PK U Ahmad Jamari (left Lt Kol)

  4. 3712xx PK U Ajmain (left Kapt)

  5. 371234 PK U Jumali bin Selamat (now Lt Kol)

  6. 371275 PK U Romlee Yahya (now Kol)

  7. 37122x PK U Ahmad Razlah (left Kapt)

  8. 37123x PK U Hashim bin Hamzah (left Kapt)

  9. 37123x PK U Kamarudin bin Ibrahim (deceased- Mej)

  10. 371248 PK U Othman Md Jahim -changed to Logistic (left Mej)

  11. 37124x PK U Othman bin Harun - changed to Logistic (left Mej)

  12. 371256 PK U Toharudin bin Abd Rasidi -changed to Logistics (now Kol)

  13. 371258 PK U Zolkeple bin Ayub - changed to Logistic (left Mej)

  14. 3712xx PK U Alias (left Kapt)

  15. 37123x PK U Lokman Abd Rahman (left Kapt)

  16. 371253 PK U Raveenthran a/l Ramankutty (left Kapt)

  17. 37125x PK U Saib bin Saiin (left Mej)

  18. 70xxxx PK U Selvaraj a/l Muthu -changed to Logiststic (left Kapt)

  19. 37121x PK U Abd Rahman bin Mohamed (left Kapt)

  20. 70xxxx PK U Rajakandan - changed to Logistic (left Mej)

  21. 371229 PK U Felix Golsalves (now Lt Kol)

  22. 371269 PK U Khairil Asri bin Baharin (now Lt Kol)

  23. 3712xx PK U Mohd Rahim bin Ismail (left Kapt)

  24. 70xxxx PK U Haldin bin Sudin - changed to Admin (deceased- Lt M)

  25. 371276 PK U Sanusi bin Samion (now Kol)

  26. 3712xx PK U Mohd Zuki (left Lt M)

  27. 3712xx PK U Musa bin Ismail (left Lt)

  28. 3712xx PK U Abd Wahid bin Yusof (left Lt)

  29. 371242 PK U Mohd Shuairi bin Abdullah - changed to Logistic (now Mej)

  30. 3712xx PK U Lokman bin Abdullah -changed to Admin (left Mej)


  1. 371224 PK U Ahmad bin Ali (left Mej)

  2. 37122x PK U Ahmad Adlan bin Abd Kadir (left Kapt)

  3. 371232 PK U Hasaza Hanafiah (now Kol)

  4. 371257 PK U Thien Pian Kong (now Lt Kol)

  5. 37126x PK U Badrul Hisham (deceased - Lt M)

  6. 371273 PK U Mohd Asri bin Ismail (now Lt Kol Ir.)

  7. 371245 PK U Muhammad Suhaimi bin Ashaari (now Kol)

  8. 371220 PK U Azemi bin Mat Saud (now Lt Kol)

  9. 37123x PK U Hisham bin Ahmad (deceased- died in road accident, Lt)

  10. 371274 PK U Mohd Sabri bin Shamsuddin (now Lt Kol)


  1. 371238 PK U Khairudin bin Mohd Zahari (left Lt Kol)

  2. 371261 PK U Yohanez bt Ahmad (now Lt Kol)


  1. 371226 PK U Ahmad Zaini bin Mohd Ali - changed to Logistic during 2Lt (now Lt Kol)

  2. 37129x PK U S.Hamid bin Yusof (retired Lt Kol)

  3. 37121x PK U Abd Hamid bin Tan (left Lt)

  4. 371300 PK U Shafie bin Mohamad Ali (now Lt Kol)
  5. 3712xx PK U Thamilenty (now Lt Kol).


  1. 371266 PK U Abd Razak bin Mat (now Lt Kol)

  2. 3712xx PK U Daud bin Mohd Salleh (left Kapt)


  1. 3712xx PK U Amin Nodin bin Atan (left Mej)

  2. 3712xx PK U Mohd Fadzil bin Ahmad (left Kapt)


  1. 3712xx PK Hardav Singh -left Kapt (converted to Muslim)

  2. 3712xx PK U Hamdan (left Kapt)

  3. 371260 PK U Sharkiah binti Temenggung Zenadin Hipney (retired Lt Kol)

  4. 371267 PK U Abd Razak bin Salim (now Lt Kol)


  1. PK Aizan bt Idris (MP) -retired Kapt

  2. PK Asmah bt Baki - Intelligence

  3. PK Aini bt Hitam - Intelligence (later joined RMAF (Admin) and retired as Major)

  4. PK Anne Marie - retired Mejar (disable)

  5. PK Che Gayah - retired Kapt

  6. PK Hamidah bt Hamidin (Pay) - retired Mej) - now Datin!

  7. PK Hasnah - retired Kapt

  8. PK Siti Jameah (Service Corps)- retired Kapt

  9. PK Marmilah bt Munajat (Service Corps) - retired Mej

  10. PK Noraini bt Kasim (MP)- retired Kapt

  11. PK Lolly Messy Joel (Medical Admin) -she converted to Muslim -Noor Sabarina) - now Lt Col

  12. PK Monica Mathelda Lowe (SC) - retired Kapt(also converted to Muslim)

  13. PK Sam Fong Seow (Signal)- now Lt Col -(best Cadet -Academic)

  14. PKU Sharkiah bt Zainudin Hipney (RMAF) -retired Lt Col

  15. PK Siti Hajar

  16. PK Siti Zaleha bt Che Rus (GSC) -now Lt Col

  17. PK Usha Panikkar

  18. PKU Yohanez bt Ahmad (RMAF) - now Lt Col

  19. PK Zawiah (married to PK Marzuki)

  20. PK Rosnani

  21. PK Rohani









Plucked from the conversation in the S37yahoogroups.

from Lt Kol Roslan Shaari

satu lagi perkara kat broga yg tak boleh dilupakan adalah bila waktu malam dengar bunyi cangkul dan mess tin tengah korek kubu.... macam lagu dan irama.... sayu betul bunyinya.... sampai sekarang masih berdengung bunyi tersebut..

from Norhaili Abd Latif

tak bolih lupa capt rahmat "bantai" kaki saya semasa nk marching keatas bukit.Terduduk,sepatut tak bolih step on the road ( jalan raya) semasa marching, tapi akibat penat terbabas berjalan gak atas jalan raya.....apa lagi jerit lah Capt Rahmat ...kedet..itu kenangan ,mengajar kita disiplin n to be tough .

dari Lt Kol Azman Daud

Salam Skots...

Yang paling tak dapat aku lupa di Broga ni bila sahabat kita LOD tiba-tiba muncul di Trench aku dengan 4 gulung D10 Cable dengan airmuka yg paling sayu... Rupanya dia kena pasang cable tu untuk line `Set K' ke semua defence position dari bukit ke bukit. Tapi lepas tu, cable tak habis pasang, dah kena withdraw pulaak. Hanya yg keluar dari mulut LOD ketika itu...."Man. ....Ada air tak??" Malangnya aku pun kekeringan ketika itu. Anyway LOD, for that nostalgia, you can have a crate of Coca Cola the next time we see each other (Itu pun kalau kau bagi aku `stroke' OK).

from Lt Kol Lod bin Atan

actually, ko bukan orang pertama aku mintak air, dah baper bukit aku naik, xsilap aku, takes me more than 6 hr to completed the job .. siap tgh mlm kot.. at least aku tahu hows defence has been laid.. and bn mana yg paling efficient.. kalao x pandai ikut kompas jln tgh mlm mahu aku sesat.. but juz imagine masa withdrawl abandone position b4 midnite n no movement b4 last light... take me another round utk tarik. semula cable. yg xbest nya.. tiap2 position ada password yg lain masa nak enter. asyik kena tahan jer..sabor jer lar.. tgh mlm derang ingat musuh demo nyusup nak curi senjata...bnyk lagi citer aku ble share... masa tu aku angkat tangan kat signal corps and it will b my last priority to join. hahahaha. thanks azman for reminding me.


In this page i will write on my 'sad journey' in my my life. Though i had been given the opportunity to ride on the right track, many things were happened and made my life getting tougher to achieve to the esteem level.


I sat my SPM in 1976 and scored Grade 1 with 16 Aggregate. Again, proudly I came up as a Best Student for that year. For your info, since my school (STMI) established in 1969, the the First Grader achiever only appeared in 1973 . And my Year (1976) produced the biggest number of 1st Grader, that was 6. Eurika!. Myself, Kamdani Salleh (my kampongmate and studymate), Yasman Tamsir, Ahmad Noh Jeni, Mohd Adil Shukor and Ngatijah Miskam. Before that, between 1-3 only.

Those who qualified (SPM 1st and 2nd Grader) to go for Lower Six asked to register at Sekolah Dato Bentara Luar (SDBL), Jalan Syed Salim off Jalan Lim Poon, Batu Pahat, about . So, I also reported there for my Lower Six. Temporarily, I went to school from home daily by Vespa (about 24km) belong to my classmate, Jaheni Sidek. Sometimes we used my father's Honda Cup. For convenience, some of our friends rented house at Batu Pahat town.

Personally, I was not so keen to go for Lower Six. I already planned to join Office Cadet School or UTM. However, my parent not in favour for me to join military service, and for the 'Art Stream' student to get place in UTM was a tough competttion. But my stay in SDBL was not long, hardly took about one month. Kamdani, Ahmad Noh and me were selected to go for Lower Six at Sekolah Alam Shah (SAS), Cheras. Since, SAS was one of the most prestige school in Malaysia, so I decided to go. In 1970s, those who selected to go to boarding schoolespecially 'Alam Shah' was really an honour.

Sekolah Alam Shah Cheras Complex

I went to SAS by taxi. The driver was my second cousin, Masduki (Lek Duki), he is the son of Hj Sulaiman, his mother is my father's cousin. Together with me was Kamdani and his father (Lek Salleh). No PLUS highway at that time. The best route from my kampong to KL was using Jalan Batu Pahat- Muar- Melaka- Alor Gajah- Rembau- Seremban- Mantin- Kajang and Cheras. I could not remember how long to reach KL. But more than 5 hours.

In SAS, we met Jainuddin and Kamisan, our former classmate in Form 3P1, STMI. There were doing Matriculation Course after obtaining an excellent SPM result.

We underwent Orientation Week (OW) handled by our senior in Upper Six. The OW was maneged well. Only sometimes, some seniors came silently into the dormitory trying to bully us. Just light bullies, so we didnt report to the warden. Some of my seniors that I could remember the name was; Sidek Moh (Ketua 1), Nasir (Imam), Razali (from Felda Chemplak- my buddy-buddy), Amin, Zainuddin, Mohd Zaraai (now Dato'- Magistrate), Naim Abu Bakar (now Datuk- SFO Malacca, I met him first as Pen Pengarah Belanjawan at Treasury in year 2000), and Zolkples Embong (now Dato'- Pengarah MSN).

in the dorm with some friends in Lower Six, SAS -from left: Kamarudin, Azman, me, Baharudin and Malek
My stay in SAS was also short, only about a month. I received an offer to take up Architecture Course from UTM, Jalan Semarak. So, I met my class teacher (Cikgu Yunus Marullah), requested permission to go back (home) to prepare and settle down my registration to UTM. That day was my last day in SAS.

Among my classmates (Lower 6) those I could remember were Kamarudin (Melaka), Misro Jerut and Malek Azman (Muar), Abd Rahman Kattar and Dzainal (Senggarang), Tuan Hamzah, Baharuddin and Kamaruzzaman (Kelantan), Khairudin (Pekan, Pahang), Kamarudin (Melaka),

Sekolah Alam Shah had moved to its new campus at Putrajaya in 2003.

Just for my own benefit, i copied here the history of SAS;

Sekolah Alam Shah (SAS) was established as a result of the National Education Policy advocated by the 1958 Razak Report. It became the first Malay school to offer Form Six classes. Hence, the school trail blazed the way for Malay stream students to enrol in tertiary education in institutions of higher learning both local and overseas.

On 7 February 1963, SAS enrolled its first students. His Majesty of Second Yang DiPertuan Agong; Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Al-Marhum Sultan Sir Hisamuddin Alam Shah Al-Haj ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Alaeddin Sulaiman Shah consented the use of His Majesty's name (Alam Shah) on the school. On 7 March 1964, the school was officially opened by His Majesty the then Sultan of Selangor, Duli Yang Maha Mulia Al-Marhum SUltan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Al-Haj Ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Hisamuddin Alam Shah.

On 26 April 2003 the school shifted premises to a new 142,000m sq campus in Putrajaya. In officiating the new premises on 24 March 2007 Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Al-Haj ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz, the Sultan of Selangor, had consented SAS taking on the name of his grandfather Sultan Hisamuddin Alam Shah. The school is henceforth known as Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah (SAS).



History of UTM

Universiti Technologi Malaysia (UTM) is the oldest premier higher learning institution in Malaysia specializing in Engineering and Technology ever since its inception in 1904. UTM’s existence is synonymous with Malaysia’s growth and progress in technological and infrastructure development, proven by its track record as the provider of almost two-thirds of the country’s workforce in engineering and technology-related profession.

In 1925, the Public Works Department opened the Technical School at Jalan Brickfields (Jalan Tun Sambanthan), Kuala Lumpur, to train technical staff of Public Works Department and the Survey and Land Offices. In 1930, the Kuala Lumpur Technical School was further expanded a new site in High Street, i.e. the present Jalan Bandar.

However, with the advent of World War II, the suggestion could only be implemented in 1946, during which the institution became known as Technical College, Kuala Lumpur. The Technical College then offered three-year Diploma courses in Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Architecture, Town and Country Planning, Land Surveying and Quantity Surveying. The construction of the new Technical College at Jalan Gurney (Jalan Semarak), Kuala Lumpur, began in 1951. It became fully operational in March 1955. In 1960, a milestone was reached when engineering courses at degree level were offered. Students pursuing the courses had to sit for professional examinations conducted by the Institution of Civil Engineers and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, United Kingdom. The rate of success was most encouraging.

Another milestone was reached in 1967 when the Planning Committee for the Higher Learning decided to upgrade the Technical College to the level of institution of technology with university status from 1969 onward. However, it was only on the14th of March, 1972, that the decision was implemented with the establishment of Institut Teknologi Kebangsaan (National Institute of Technology) under Section 6(1) of the University and College Act, 1971. On the1st of April 1975, the journey from school to university was completed when the institution finally became "Universiti Teknologi Malaysia".

The university has a number of international academic collaborations and offers 108 postgraduate programs in Engineering and Technology.

UTM has two campuses. The main one in Skudai, Johor was the first university in the state of Johor. It has an area of 1.222 km², touted the second largest public university after Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) . It is about 20 km north from the state capital, Johor Bahru, and is located relatively close to the Sultan Ismail International Airport, Senai. The branch campus, Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur (formerly was the main campus) with an area of 0.18 km².

Now we go onto my life story in UTM between June 1977 till May 1979.

Enough rest at kampong. When the reporting day come, I went to KL by express bus with Amim (my brother). He sent me to the campus for registration. The Orientation Week commenced. All the new students were inhabited in the hostel at Jalan Gurney. The OW went well. The rules and procedures laid out by the U's management made all the programs in the OW successful. The Vice Chancellor then was Tan Sri Ainuddin Wahid.

In the Lecture hall- combined with QS and Town Planning students (during the OWeek- all the female students were wearing 'tudung', cantikkkk jee.....after that.. hehehe)

First Year 1977/78

Architecture is a unique course. Other than the longest degree course in UTM (6 years), the students was also different compare with other students. Mostly rugged and keeping a long hair eventhough it was not permitted in UTM. They find was to runaway or avoiding from get caught by the 'Pak Guard'. The common tactic was wearing cap and keeping the hair tail in the cap or hat. They also 'berkampung' in the studio until late night. They went back in the dark to avoid from being recognised by the Pak Guard. The person who the students fear most was the Deputy VC, Prof Hamid Tahir, who in-charge of Students Affairs.

I stayed in Blok B and my roomate was Sazali (also ex Alam Shah). He came from Kg Rimba Terjun, Pontian. He did Civil Engineering Course. He was okay but the only problem with him was his 'tidor mati'. You know la, Architecture Student! A lot of course work need to be completed in the studio. Always came back to the room very late night. We could not bring back the work because our project required to use drawing board and many types of papers and colors. Water color, poster color, oil color etc.... The hostel room was small.

Everytime I came back from studio, Sazali already slept. He sleep early because he wanted to wake up in early morning and study. And he alwayd forgotten to unlocked the door. So I got to knock the door for long time before he could get up. Sometimes, the whole block members went out from the room because of the knocking noise. Except Sazali. End up, in the middle of the semester, I exchange roomate. I moved to Block C to stay with Ramly Abu Bakar (my coursemate). Settle the problem?? Basic problem yes, but another problem came.

Ramly ni gila-gila sikit perangainya.....He like to sing and scream. Sometimes banging the table. Our neighbouring room was a Final Year student from Engineering Faculty. Long hair and fierce looking face (tapi awek dia chun....). Everytime we make noise, he will come out and scold us. But no serious grief. Budak-budak Architecture, biasa laaaaaa....

Me, Norzam Darmin (coursemate- budak Kota Tinggi) and Hafeez (Science student- budak Pontian)

with Razak Mustofah (I could not remember what course he did)

In the canteen with our English lecture, Mr John Davis from USA (all SPM students got to sit for English Class)

In Year 1 Studio- sitting: Sulaiman Abdullah 6th Yr student. Standing from left; Shaari Omar, Me, Ramly, Sutina Ghazali and Ainon (Mek). Abang Leman liked to visit our studio because Ainon was his gf (loving couple). Sadly, Ainon was died in road accident on the way back to Kelantan for Hari Raya that year (1977).

Today, all the university are using Semester System. If you failed any paper (limited) you can proceed to the next semester and refer the failed paper. During my time, UTM was using a Term System. Only one final exam a year. Mid-term exam would carry only 30% of the total marks. For the Arch Students, the pre-requisite for the final exam was to pass the portfolio presentation.

Among my classmate in First Year 1977/78 (who I coould remember) were: Shukri (Repeater), Abd Latif (R), Sutina Ghazali (R), Norazian (R), Latipah Jan (R), Azharudin (R), Auspan Hassan (R), Azahari (R), Ainon (R) (deceased), Md Khalis Hashim (R), Badrul Hisham Daud (Tok Penghulu), Bernadib Kadri, Amat Amir Sibon, Kamisan Sujak, Ong P.S, Tan Gim Huat, Salmiah Daud, Aishah, Norzam Darmin, Norhayati Shahnon, Zamzam Mohd Said, Hijazi Jasmon, Ali Yusof, Badrul Khir (deceased), Ramly A.Bakar, Muniandy, Selvam, Yusop Ibrahim, Shaari Omar, Rosyatimah, Ibrahim Hamdan, Ismail Akhir, Himawan Gatot Adibowo, Saifuddin Ahmad, Zulkifli Sudin, Roziah, Muhd Yusup Purnawarman, ............... sorry I could not recall everybody's name.

Among the Lecturer/Tutors were; Ghazali Abdullah, Mokhtar, Zamani Abd Ghani, Fauzi Awang Kechik (deceased), Nik Malek (Graphics), Daud (Bldg Materials), Najib Ibrahim (Physic), Fadzillah and Abd Aziz (Math).

Trip to Penang. Towards the end of the semester, we had a course trip to Penang. Besides sight-seeing, the other purpose of this trip was part of 'architectural design' out-door activities. It was also to create closer relationship between the students. We went to Penang by UTM's bus. We stopped at various places along the way and drew the views or the objects. It was part of 'on-site' drawing practices. In Penang, we stayed at USM's hostel.


waiting for the bus- at UTM compound

in the bus

Aquarium Tunku Abd Rahman,Penang

On the way to from Batu Feringghi to Balik Pulau

My first year was not successful. I failed my Architectural Portfolio Presentation. So, I did not qualified to sit for the final examination. So, before the Final Exam I already know that I got to repeat, mean join the First Year next intake. This was my first 'major' failure in my life career.

Repeat Year 1978/79

Ten of us got to repeat our first year. Mself, Badrul Hisham, Badrul Khair (deceased), Yusop Purnawarman, Zamzam, Kamisan, Yusuf, Himawan, Aishah and Ismail. All due to portfolio failure. Among the new students were; Lim Hock Huat, Mohd Fadzillah, Ahmad Kamal, Md Shah Jaffar, Aziz, Nazri, Zainal, Nazmi, Azmi, Zabidi Mohd Bazir, Saleha, Farishah, Zuraina Leily, Rosmawati, Zaleha, Rosila, Yusof Awang (deceased), Abdullah, Mohd Fuad, Ahmad Faisal (deceased), Zairul, Juminan, Noraida Atan, Mohd Aminuddin, Mohd Suhaimi (later quit and joined MAS pilot), Wong Chun Weng, Rahmadiah, Nor Hisham, Khairy Zakaria, Mardiah Lokman, Samini Omar, Ainon Ali, Mohd Haiyee, Mohd Ariff, Roslani @ Roslan, Abd Kahar..... etc
The architectural design lecturers were; En Mokhtar, En Fauzi, En Zamani, En Razak and En Aziz. The others were Prof Madya Ramli and En Aziz (Math), En Najib Ibrahim (Physic), Tuan Syed Farouk Barakhbah (Material), Utz Wahab Hj Kia/Ust Fadzil Mohd Noor (Islamic Study) and uan Akbar Abang/Paimah Atoma (Malaysian Studies). Ust Fadzil (allahyarham) was later quit and became a fulltime politician. He was the President of PAS (since 1989) before his death on 23 June 2002. Akbar Anang was also quit from UTM to attach with Darul Arqam. Then quit from Arqam and become a fulltime preacher and own a religious school.
Studying Architecture was a high investment. Other than the 'drawing board' in the studio, we have to buy the other equipment and tools such as T Square, drafting pen (expenxsive looooo!) materials for models (many kinds of papers/boards), drawing materials (many types of colours), cutter etc. In fact, we also bought our own drawing board for the home work.
My scholarship (JPA) was about RM1600/year,minus the fees left behind less than a thousand a year. House rent, water, electricity, course materials????...Not sufficient. (At that time, those who got scholarship from Bandaraya, DARA or PETRONAS were more lucrative). So, almost every month I have to ask for additional budget from my parent. Sometimes my brother, Khamim (he worked with TNB at Bangsar) also subsidised me. Financial constraints. Lend (hutang?). Nope. Most of the time we ('we' because almost all having a same problem) took 'instant noodle' (MAGGI MEE) as our staple food especially in the end weeks of waiting for scholarship or subsidy from parents.
In this year session, I was staying at Lorong Bukit Keramat 4 with friends. Some of them were Norzam, Ibrahim, Badrul Hisham, Kamisan, Amir, Bernadib, Zamzam etc. Really congested, like a refugees settlements. Sometimes worst when some friends were coming and night stopped. I could not remember the amount of the rental. But, I appreciated the 'high cooperations' among the housemates. Throughout our staying there, no disputes were occured.

The owner of the house (landlord) was 'we called them Pak Aji and Mak Aji' (both died). I forgot their name. They stayed with their daughter Kak Melah (also died) and her husband (abang Kadir). Pak Aji was retired guru agama for the Police Depot (PULAPOL). Kak Melah was also an ustazah in PULAPOL. As a neighbour, selalu la kami dapat makanan percuma dari Mak Aji.
In front of our rented house was a double story house belong to a widow a 'Syed descent' family. Her name is Sharifah Zabedah (Ayong). Ayong (age 40s) has 2 sons Zainal and Zahid. But, the focus of the story is not about the widow but the other person living in that house. Ayong has 4 sisters and 2 brothers staying together. Sharifah Nor Akma (Kak Nor), Sharifah Nor Hijjah (Kak Jah), Sharifah x (forgot), Syed Mohammad (died) and Syed Khalid. Except for Kak Nor, the rest were single. There were two more family members staying in that house; Kak Nah and Kak Merah (Sharifah Molek). The most attracted figure was Kak Merah!.
....will more stories about my stay in Bukit Keramat.
I lost contact with all my landlord and also my neighbours, after I acquitted from UTM. But after many years in the air force, I slowly getting back to old memories. Somewhere in 1993/94 when I was in SISMAT C, I went to Kluang for working visit (after we handed over Kluang Base to the Army, the RMAF maintained our Engineering and Supply element in PUTD as part of handing over process). With the help of PW Salleh Pandi, I managed to track Kak Merah. to So, I went her house at Taman Kluang Barat. In 1998 I went to Kluang for official duty, and one again I manged to visit Kak Merah, this time she already moved to a Married Quarters in the camp. The last time i met her was in 2006 when I attended a course at INTAN Kluang.

one of the design projects (Juminan, me, Lim H.H, Saleha, Zureina and Noraida) trip to Frasers Hill

release tension and thinking for more ideas (Badrul Khair, Kamal, Zamzam, Nazmi and Hisham)

can't remember where (Kamisan, Khairy, Haiyee, Zamzam, Kamal, Fadzilah & Badrul Hisham)

...transfer the views onto the paper, at Botanical Garden, Penang

with Zuraina & Mail

with Fadzilah in our studio

Cold.... on the way to Fraser's Hill

some of our female coursemates: Seha, Farishah, Zaleha, Rahmadiah, Rosila, Nor Rafeah and Noraida

in the bungalow at Fraser's Hill
(with arwah Yusop Awang, Nazri and Arwah Badrul Khair)

reading poem at Pantai Batu Maung

Kamal bergaya at Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden with Shukor Aziz and 'abang driver'

with Zuraina and Mail at Batu Maung beach

nite at Batu Feringghi beach

lupa...kat rumah sapa nii...should be on the way back from Penang trip

in the studio

in the studio

cari ilham

photo with Pak Cik Saidin at Kg Spg Lawin, Kuala Kangsar (the place where Norzam and his group doing their research on 'History of Architecture)

My story UTM ended when I received my final result. I passed my portfolio, unfortunately I failed my Math paper! I referred the paper, also failed. I passed my mid-term exam of Math but in my second part of the semester, I put lighter focus on it because of giving more concentration on my portfolio. I attempted to see my tutor (En Aziz) to appeal. Unfortunately.... he could not help because I missed a lot of my tutorials. What I can do?
My two year journey in UTM ended with a sorrow. I do not blame anybody else, except myself.

Maka, dengan ini, musnahlah cita-citaku untuk menjadi seorang Arkitek. Biarpun begitu, aku amat bersyukur kepada Allah kerana telah memberikan aku satu perjalanan baru untuk terus maju dalam hidupku. Walaupun aku telah tercampak jauh dunia 'senibina' namun sahabat-sahabatku yang sama-sama berjuang di atas 'drawing board' dulu tidak melupakan aku. Bertahun-tahun mereka berjuang meredah halangan dan cabaran untuk mencapai cita-cita. Sebahagian dari mereka telah berjaya mempunyai firma senibina sendiri, atau menjadi pensyarah (malah ada yang bertaraf Profesor), berkhidmat dengan Kerajaan atau menukar kerjaya ke bidang perniagaan yang lain. Tahniah.

Setelah hampir 30 tahun terpisah, kami dapat bertemu kembali apabila salah seorang dari mereka dapat menghubungiku untuk menyertai satu majlis 'reunion' mereka di Kelab darul Ehsan, Ampang pada tahun 2004. Bermula dari situ, kami menjadi rapat semula, dari satu pertemuan ke satu pertemuan.......... antaranya:

1. Reunion 'Hari Raya' di Kelab Darul Ehsan.
2. Khenduri untuk kesejahteraan Auspan di Surau AU3 dan Rumah Fadzilah.
3. Khenduri Tahlil Arwah Untuk Yusop Awang di Surau Al Firdaus.
4. Kena teh tarik di Restoran Hamid, Jln Semarak.
5. Majlis Perkahwinan anak Fadzilah.
6. Majlis Doa Selamat di Rumah Kamal di Taman TDI.

Aku tak dapat hadir perkahwinan anak Samini (dia orang Rengit) kerana kau pindah rumah, kad jemputan dihantar ke alamat lama.

Perkahwinan anak Prof Dr Asiah Abd Rahim (UIAM), aku tak hadir juga sebab tak dapat jemputan. Dia lupa kat aku la agaknya tu.

Makan durian kat dusun durian Pk Lah di Ulu Langat pada 7 Julai juga aku tak dapat datang. Hari kerja. Boss cuti, nak ponteng kejap memang boleh, tapi petang tu, aku ada dua meeting.



Zainal, Samini Omar & Mardiah Lokman

Ariff, me, Juminan, Zainal & Hisham

Samini, Mardiah & Ainon Ali

with Badrul Hisham Daud, our mantan Course Tok Penghulu
(Badrul now is a lecturer in POLISAS Kuantan- double barrels)

(with his own firm- ARKRAB)

with his own firm

now Pengarah Pembangunan Universiti Teknikal Melaka

Executive Director of Pubel Bhd - millionaire now!

with his own firm


with his own firm in Malaysia and Australia- ALSO millionaire now - he is also Timbalan Ketua UMNO Bahagian Jerai... potential MP

with his own firm in KL

now with JKR Pusat and also Registrar LAM




(Professor di UIAM)





Khairy married to Norhayati
Haiyee married to Mardiah


Ainon Mohamed (1978)
Badrul Khair bin Subari (2002)
Mohd Yusop bin Awang (2007)
Ahmad Faisal bin Abd Aziz (2009)


Majlis Doa Selamat Rumah Kamal di TTDI (2009)

maksud ayat Al Qur'an: Surah Ibrahim:7
"dan ingatlah, jika engkau bersyukur kepadaku (ke atas nikmat yang aku berikan), nescaya akan aku tambah nikmatku"