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I could not find the fact about the actual history of Materiel Branch in the RMAF. There is no books, journals or documentation to be referred. What I can remember, when I got chopped from Flying Training (2 FTC, Kluang) in 1981, there were 6 more Branches (other than Pilot) in the RMAF namely; Engineering, Supply, Admin, ATC, ADC and Fire (Bomba). During the interview (by the Commandant) I choosed to join Supply and temporarily attached to Supply Branch, RMAF Kluang. The head of Supply Branch in the RMAF Base called 'Ketua Cawang Bekalan' or OC Supply.

According to the seniority list, Supply Branch (or Cawang Bekalan) is third in the RMAF Corps after Flying and Engineering Branch. I also could not remember when the name of' Supply' was changed to 'Logistic'. When I joined the Basic Supply Course in ITU Kinrara in 1983, the name of the Course was already 'Logistics Officer Management Course' under 'Sekolah Logistik (SEKLOG)'. The Supply Officer was later called as Logistic Officer. The head of Materiel Branch in units known as 'Ketua Cawang Logistik (KCL). However, until today, most of the senior group in the RMAF still convenient to mention 'Supply Officer' or 'Logistic Officer' rather than 'Materiel Officer'.

At the end of 1980s or early 1990s, the Branch was rename as 'Materiel'. In 1994 RMAF reorganization, the materiel support for the operational squadrons was detached from the Materiel Branch. Each squadron has its own 'Materiel Flight' headed by 'Ketua Flait Materiel (KFM)'. The Materiel Branch was known as 'Skuadron Materiel' and headed by 'Ketua Skn Materiel (KSM)'. The role of Materiel Squadron only limited to providing domestic support to the base.

What is Materiel?. Materiel is a French word means equipment or hardware, and the term used in English to refer to the 'equipment and supplies in military and commercial supply chain management. In the military context, materiel relates to the specific needs of a force to complete a specific mission or in simple words materiel described as the needs of a functioning troops. (Ref: wikipedia)

The head of Materiel Branch in the RMAF is 'Assistant Chief of Staff -Materiel' or 'Assisten Ketua Staf Materiel (AKS Materiel). Firstly, it was known as 'Assisten Panglima (Bekalan) or 'ASBEK' and later in 1989 changed to 'Assisten PTU (Materiel) or 'APTU Materiel'. Since it was established, the rank of the holder is 'Brigedier Jeneral'. Till date, this is the highest career position for Materiel Officer. Since it was established, there were 3 times the holder of the appointment were 'non-Logistic Officer'.

The roles and responsibilities of Materiel Branch is very wide. None of the Materiel Officers can master in all fields in the branch. Basically the sub-specialisations in the career of Materiel Officers can be grouped into the following:
  1. Supply Control and Accounting Management
  2. Fuel and Lubricant Management
  3. Explosive and Ordnance Management
  4. Motorised Transport and Distribution Management
  5. Air Movement Management
  6. Financial and Budgeting Management
  7. Storage Management

Who is Who in Materiel?

Pengarah Bekalan dan Wang

  1. Group Capt Ahmad Shah bin Hashim
  2. Kol (U) Mohd Tahir bin Abd Rahman

Assisten PTU Bekalan dan Wang (ASBEK)

  1. Brig Jen (U) Hj Mohd Tahir bin Abd Rahman (1973 - 1984) - deceased
  2. Brig Jen (U) Anim bin Abd Rahman (1984 - 1989) - now Dato'

Brig Jen Dato Anim Harun (R)

Assisten PTU (Materiel) (APTU Materiel)

  1. Brig Jen (U) Tunku Jaafar Laksamana bin Tunku Nong Jewa (1989 - 1990) -pilot
  2. Brig Jen (U) Dato' Hj Wan Abd Majid bin Abdullah (1990 - 1992) -engineer
  3. Brig Jen Dato' Richard Casimir Robless TUDM (1992 - 1994)
  4. Brig Jen Hj Abdul Rahman bin Mohd Rais (1994 - 1996)
  5. Brig Jen Dato' Mohd Idris bin Saman (1996 - 2000)

Brig Gen Dato' Tunku Jaafar Laksamana (R) & Brig Gen Datuk Robless (R)

Brig Gen Dato' Mohd Idris

Assisten Ketua Staf (Materiel) (AKS Materiel)

  1. Brig Jen Dato' Ali Nasiruddin bin Hj Ibrahim TUDM (2000 - 2003) - retired as Mej Jen (in the appointment of AKS Perkhidmatan Anggota (AKSPA), Markas ATM.
  2. Brig Jen Dato' Othman bin Abd Majid TUDM (2003- 2004)
  3. Brig Jen Dato' Amir bin Hashim DIMP PAT SMP KMN AMP BKT TUDM (Feb 2004 - Sep 2008)
  4. Brig Jen Dato' Roslan bin Saad TUDM (Sep 2008 - 31 Dec 2009) -pilot
  5. Brig Jen Dato' Roslan bin Kasim psc TUDM (01 Jan 2009 - 06 Jul 2009)
  6. Brig Jen Dato' Azizan bin Shaari DIMP PAT KMN AMP psc TUDM (07 Jul 2009 - today)

Brig Gen Dato' Othman & Brig Gen Dato' Amir

Pengarah Materiel

  1. Kol (U) Lee Theng Koi
  2. Kol ......
  3. Kol Hj Abdul Rahman bin Mohd Rais TUDM
  4. Kol Ahmad Haidir bin Mohd Yusof TUDM (1993 - 1996)
  5. Kol Othman bin Abd Majid TUDM (1996 - 2000)
  6. Lt Kol Mohd Fisoll bin Aziz TUDM (Pemangku) (2000)
  7. Kol Amir bin Hashim TUDM (2000 - 2004)
  8. Kol Azizan bin Shaari TUDM (2004 - 2007)
  9. Kol Hj Roslan bin Kasim TUDM (2008 - 2009)
  10. Kol Mohd Zaki bin Ishak TUDM (2009 - 2010)
  11. Kol Kamarudin bin Mohamad TUDM (2010 - kini)

Air Materiel Centre or Pusat Materiel Udara (PMU)

The establishment of Pusat Materiel Udara (PMU) was evoluted since the establishment of the RMAF itself in June 1958. In the early stage, the logistic support for the RMAF operations was managed by the Supply Squadron of KL Air Base (also known as Sempang) which received the support form the RAF Maintenance Depot in Seletar Air Base, Singapore. To cater the fast development of the RMAF, the project to build up a dedicated logistic depot for the RMAF wasestabllished in 1962.

In 01 Jan 1964, the government built RMAF Hardware Depot in KL Air Base. The name was later changed to Depot Bekalan (DEBEK) in 1968. This depot was directly commanded from the Air Staff Division in MINDEF until 1980 when all the support roles of the RMAF took over by Markas Bantuan Udara (MABANUD). In 1987, the name of DEBEK was changed to Depot Logistik (DEPLOG) and one again changed to Pusat Materiel Udara (PMU) in 1989.

The head of the Depot since its inauguration in 1964 was 'Officer Commanding' until it changed to 'Commandant' in June 1972, however the title was changed to 'Pegawai Memerintah (Commanding Officer)' in Jan 1973 until 1994 when the RMAF implemented the major structural reorganisation. In this 'reorg' major part of PMU were shifted into the newly established 'Formation HQ' knwon as 'Markas No 3 Divisyen Udara'. The only elements left in the depot were Warehousing and Transportation.

The Warehouse Units were known as 'Materiel Udara' or 'MATRA'. The establishment of MATRAs were based on regional plus 'system' concept. The haed of MATRA is known as 'Ketua MATRA' (equivalent to Officer Commanding). There are four MATRAs were established as follow:

  • MATRA 1 in KL Air Base with the function of Central Transportation & Distribution Service (including export and import), Central Unit Return and Domestic Services.
  • MATRA 2 in Subang Air Base for the storage of components and spares for all type of Transport aicraft, helicopters and Radar systems. MATRA 2 is also functioning as central service for publications and printing.
  • MATRA 3 in Butterworth Air Base keeping F/A-18D and F5E components and spares.
  • MATRA 4 in Kuantan Air Base is functioning for the storage of components and spares for Hawks, MB339 and MiG-29 aircraft.
  • The nucleus of MATRA 5 in Gong Kedak Air Base is established in 2010 to be responsible for the support of SU30MKM aircraft.

Pegawai Memerintah Pusat Materiel Udara

  1. Sqn Ldr E.A Wisemen (Jan 1964 - March 1966)
  2. Sqn Ldr C.B Chapmann (March 1966 - May 1967)
  3. Wg Cdr Loke Kok Lye (May 1967 - xx)
  4. Lt Kol (U) Lawrence Chai Tat Onn
  5. Lt Kol (U) Abd Rahman bin Mohd Raisi
  6. Lt Kol (U) Mior Azam bin Mior Saf
  7. Lt Kol (U) Zali bin Shafie
  8. Kol Richard Casimir Robless TUDM
  9. Kol Hj Mohamad bin Hj Awangla
  10. Kol Hj Abdul Rahman bin Mohd Rais TUDM

Ketua MATRA 1

  1. Lt Kol Mohd Johari bin Mohd Rais TUDM
  2. Mej Azizan bin Shaari TUDM
  3. Mej Rahlim Asmi bin Abd Rashid TUDM
  4. Mej Zulkefri bin Omar TUDM
  5. Mej Rodzuan bin Abd Ghani TUDM
  6. Mej Mohd Zawawi bin Osman TUDM
  7. Mej Kamarudin bin Kasim TUDM
  8. Mej Abdullah bin Lazim TUDM (2006 - 2008)
  9. Mej Zolkeple bin Ayob TUDM (2008 - 2009)
  10. Mej Wan Feisal bin Wan Sulaiman TUDM (2009 - kini)

Ketua MATRA 2

  1. Lt Kol Ariffin bin Musa TUDM
  2. Lt Kol Zulkifli bin Ahmad TUDM
  3. Lt Kol Rajah Krishnan a/l Perumal TUDM
  4. Mej Zainuddin bin Sahak TUDM

Ketua MATRA 3

  1. Mej Kamarudin bin Kasim TUDM
  2. Mej Kamarulzaman bin Mohd Khamis TUDM
  3. Mej Jaffri bin Mohd Isa TUDM
  4. Mej Denis bin Ajoh TUDM
  5. Mej Rafidi Anuar bin Abu Samah TUDM

Ketua MATRA 4

  1. Mej David Marshall TUDM
  2. Mej Wan Feisal bin Wan Sulaiman TUDM
  3. Mej Zulkifli bin Md Isa TUDM
  4. Mej Abd Rahim bin Salleh TUDM
  5. Mej Zulkifli bin Hashim TUDM
  6. Mej Alyas bin Awang TUDM (Pemangku)
  7. Mej Hamzah bin Hussein TUDM (2009 - kini)

Ketua MATRA 5

  1. Mej Abd Ghaffur bin Mohd Ali TUDM (01 Okt 2010 - kini)

* some of the list above are not according to the order & required for verification. I am still looking for 'free time' to go to RMAF Museum to find more information.

After the RMAF major organizational restructure in 1993, No 3 Air Division was established and following to that the establishment of Pusat Materiel Udara (PMU) was reshuffled. The element of Provisioning, Purchasing and Repair Services were absorbed into the No 3 Air Div, and the storage element in PMU were divided into four regional depot namely MATRA 1, MATRA 2, MATRA 3 and MATRA 4. All the MATRA became independent unit under the command of No 3 Air Div Commander.

In conjuction with that restructure, the appointment of 'Pegawai Memerintah PMU' was shifted to No 3 Air Div HQ and known as 'Ketua Staf Khidmat' and doing the staff functions.

Ketua Staf Khidmat

  1. Kol Ahmad Haidir bin Mohd Yusof TUDM (1994 - 1996)
  2. Kol Hj Ali Nasirudin bin Hj Ibrahim TUDM (1996 -2000)
  3. Kol Hj Othman bin Abd Majid TUDM (2001- 2003)
  4. Kol Azizan bin Shaari TUDM (2003 - 31 Jan 2004)
  5. Kol Kamarudin bin Mohamed TUDM (01 Feb 2004 - Oct 2006)
  6. Lt Kol Mohd Zahari bin Jamaludin TUDM (Oct 2006 - Feb 2007)- acting
  7. Kol Azizan bin Shaari TUDM (01 Feb 2006 - 6 Jul 2008)
  8. Lt Kol Toharudin bin Abd Rasid TUDM (7 July 2008 - 31 May 2009)- Acting
  9. Kol Toharudin bin Abd Rasid TUDM (1 Jun 2009 - today)

Pusat Latihan Pengurusan Logistik (PLPL)

The members (warga) of Materiel Branch shall be proud with the existence of Logistics Management Training Centre or 'PLPL'. PLPL is located in the 53 acres piece of land at Kinrara town. The total area of Kinrara Camp is 104 acres. The other 51 acres is belong to the Army, and where the Armed Forces Hospital (94 HAT) was formerly located (before it moved to Wangsa Maju in 2008). This Army and RMAF land is centrally divided by the border of KL Federal Territory and Selangor. PLPL is in the State of Selangor.

This RMAF Kinrara land was formerly belong to the British Army and handed over the RMAF in 1963 when the 'Aircraft Engineering School (Sekolah Kejuruteraan kapal Terbang) or SKKT ' was established. The age of Supply Training is as old as the establishment of SKKT in 1963 where the basic training for the 'Supply' officers and airmen was conducted. When the name of 'SKKT' changed to 'Institut Teknologi Udara (ITU)' in 1982, the name of Supply Training School was also changed to 'Sekolah Logistik (SEKLOG)'.

In 1987, a training school for 'RMAF Specialist Vehicles' Operator' was established and located at Subang (attached to Aircraft Overhaul Depot or 'DEBKAT'). The name of this training school was 'Pusat Latihan Kenderaan Khas (PLKK)'. Later, the school also trained RMAF domestic vehicles' drivers and MTO. Prior to this, all the MTO and drivers were trained by the Army Service Corps in Taiping.

Under the major 'REORG' of RMAF Organisation in 1993/94 had opened the new sheet for the Materiel Branch. The RMAF KINRARA was closed and the major plan was 'all the training activities in the RMAF will be centralised at RMAF ALOR SETAR under the name of 'Kolej Tentera Udara (KTU)'. Since, TUDM AS could not accommodate the whole package of roulement, the Engineering School moved first. The SEKLOG and SEKTARA (Admin School) attached to Subang Air Base. The Squadron Officers School (SOS) occupied the RMAF building at Jalan Azyze, Penang which was vacated by MARDIK (Markas Pendidikan). MARDIK moved to Subang Air Base.

In 1997, 'SEKLOG' merged with 'PLKK' and formed 'PLPL'. The training school occupied two buildings near to the RMAF Subang's airmen block.

A great initiative is done in 2001 by the then AKS Materiel (Brig Jen Dato' Ali Nasiruddin bin Ibrahim TUDM) to rework the RMAF Kinrara land. The main building of former 'ITU' was refurbished and followed by rebuilding one by one the deteriorated 'wooden buildings'. All the old married quarters were also refurbished. In early 2002, RMAF Kinrara Complex appeared with the new face and image. The complex is equipped with Administrative Building, classrooms, library, Officers' Mess, Sergeant Mess and Airmen Blocks. This year, 'PLPL' was officially moved from RMAF Subang to RMAF Kinrara. 'DOUBLE SALUTE' should be given to 'Brig Jen Dato' Ali Nasirudin TUDM'. Credit should also given to 'Lt Kol Ahmad Zaini bin Mohd Ali TUDM (then Mejar), who administrated, monitored and assured all the reworks, rebuildings and refurbishments were done accordingly (also to the others who contributed to the movement).

All the members of MATERIEL BRANCH should be very-very proud on their contributions. Without their efforts, we do not have our 'OWN BASE'. Eventhough only a '53 acres' base.

The Head of SEKLOG Kinrara:
  1. Mej (U) Haji Zakaria bin Abd Ghani
  2. Mej (U) Nik Hishamuddin bin Ibrahim (1981 - 1983)
  3. Mej (U) Ng Poh Wah (1883 - 1986)
  4. Mej (U) Baharudin bin Sulaiman TUDM
  5. Mej (U) Shaharudin bin Othman TUDM
*need to be verified and corrected. I hope someone can email me to correct the list.

The Head of SEKLOG Subang:
  1. Lt Kol Mohammad Noor bin Mat Rani TUDM
  2. Mej Mohd Yunus bin Masjuki TUDM
  3. Mej Zulkifli bin Ahmad TUDM
  4. Mej Rajah Krishnan TUDM
*(need to be verified and corrected)

The Commanding Officer of 'PLPL Kinrara' since it was established were:
  1. Mej Ahmad Zaini bin Mohd Ali TUDM (2002 - 2005)
  2. Mej Abdul Wahab bin Enok TUDM (2005 - 2007)
  3. Mej Kamarudin bin Kasim TUDM (2007 - 2008)
  4. Mej Ahmad Nazri bin Nayan TUDM (2008 - 2010)
  5. Lt Kol Ahmad Zaini bin Mohd Ali TUDM (2010 - now)


Brig Jen TUDM

  1. Brig Jen Dato' Amir bin Hashim DIMP PAT SMP KMN AMP BKT PJM PPS PPA MSc(DRM) BAcc DIA TUDM (371060)- Komandan Akademi Latihan Ketenteraan, Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia. (TJP 34 - 23 June 1979)
  2. Brig Jen Dato' Azizan bin Shaari DIMP PAT KMN AMP PJM PPS PPA MMgt psc TUDM (370630)- AKS Materiel (TJP 27 - 11 Nov 1975)

Kolonel TUDM

  1. Kol Mohd Zaki bin Ishak PAT SMT KAT PJM PPS PPS MBus mpat TUDM (370468)- Sector Comamnder, International Monitoring Team (IMT), Zamboanga, Mindanao.(TJP 25 - 31 Oct 1974)
  2. Kol Kamarudin bin Mohamad PAT KAT AMN SMK BSD PKC PJM PPS PPA MSc(MIS) MSc(DRM) CILT DIA psc TUDM (370833) - Pengarah Materiel, Markas TUDM (TJP 30- 26 May 1977)
  3. Kol Toharudin bin Abd Rasid KAT KMN AMN MBA BBA(Hons) DBS psc AMIHRM TUDM (371256) - Ketua Staf Khidmat, Markas Logistik Udara.(TJP 37 - 1 July 1981)

Leftenan Kolonel TUDM

  1. Lt Kol Hj Rahlim Asmi bin Abd Rashid KAT KMN PJM PPS PPA psc TUDM (370859)- PS1 Frekuensi, KOMLEK. (TJP 30 - 26 May 1977)
  2. Lt Kol Mohd Fisoll bin Hj Aziz KAT KMN AMN BCK PJM PPS PPA mpat psc TUDM (370980) - PSU, Bhg Dasar, KEMENTAH. (TJP 32- 15 June 1978)
  3. Lt Kol Zulkifli bin Ahmad KAT KMN PJM PPS PPA mpat psc TUDM (371035) -PS1 Perolehan, MTU. (TJP 33 - 21 Dec 1978)
  4. Lt Kol Hj Bardan bin Majid KMN PJM PPS PPA psc TUDM (371128) - Pengarah MAFCA. (TT 21 - 02 Apr 1981)
  5. Lt Kol Zulkefri bin Omar KAT KMN PJM PPS PPA mpat psc TUDM (371085)- Pengarah Bantuan Operasi, MOU (TJP 34- 23 June 1978)
  6. Lt Kol Zambri bin Ahmad KAT AMP PJM PPS PPA psc TUDM (371044)- PS2 Rancang Materiel, MTU-BSM (TJP 33- 21 Dec 1978)
  7. Lt Kol Hj Rodzuan bin Abd Ghani KMN AMP PJM PPS PPA mpat psc TUDM (371146) - PS1 Bantuan, MPLU (TJP 35 -31 Dec 1979)
  8. Lt Kol Yohanez bt Hj Ahmad KAT AMN PJM PPS PPA psc TUDM (371261)- Pengarah Kewangan, MTU. (TJP 37 - 24 Jan 1981)
  9. Lt Kol Hj Mohd Fauzi bin Ramli AMN PMP PJM PPS PPA psc TUDM (370987)- PS1 Teknologi Maklumat, JTMK (TJP 32 - 15 June 1978)
  10. Lt Kol Dr Mohd Yunus bin Masjuki KAT KMN AMN PJM PPS PPA psc TUDM (372005)- kursus MPAT/Sarjana Sains Sosial UKM (SPG - 01 Nov 1985)
  11. Lt Kol Abdullah bin Lazim KAT AMN PJM PPS PPA psc TUDM (371015) - PS1 Bantuan, BLP, Markas ATM (TJP 33 - 21 Dec 1978)
  12. Lt Kol Ahmad Aseri bin Hj Idris KAT AMN BCK PJM PPS PPA psc TUDM (371322)- PS1 R & P, MLU (TJP 38 - 11 April 1981)
  13. Lt Kol Ahmad Zaini bin Mohd Ali PJK PJM PPS PPA TUDM (371226) - Komandan PLPL (TJP 37 - 24 Jan 1981)
  14. Lt Kol Lim Eng Lye KAT AMN psc TUDM (371495)- PS1 Materiel, Mks No i Div Udara (TJP 40 - 13 May 1983)
  15. Lt Kol Zainal bin Abd Manaf KAT psc TUDM (371537) - PS1 Beli, MLU (TT 23 - 9 Jun 1983)
  16. Lt Kol Abd Wahab bin Enok KAT PNBB PJM PPS PPA psc TUDM (371531) - PS1 SISMAT (TT 23 - 9 Jun 1983)
  17. Lt Kol Gopalan a/l Manickam KAT PJM PPS PPA psc TUDM (371886) - PS1 KAS, MLU (SPG - 12 March 1986)
  18. Lt Kol Suhaimi bin Ag Md Noor KAT PNBB PJM PPS PPA psc TUDM- Ketua Bhg Bantuan, Mks No 2 Div Udara (TJP 46- 25 Oct 1984)
  19. Lt Kol Ah Jon a/l Cha Pik PNBB PJM PPS PPA psc TUDM (371588) - KCM PU Kuantan (TJP 40 - 10 Nov 1983)
  20. Lt Kol Hj Abdul Rahim bin Salleh AMP PNBB PJM PPS PPA psc TUDM (371852)- PS2 SIAP C, IGTU (TJP 46- 25 Oct 1984)
  21. Lt Kol Jemaat bin Atan KAT AMN PNBB PJM PPS PPApsc TUDM (371381) - Markas ATM (TJP 40 - 21 Nov 1981)
  22. Lt Kol Kamarudin bin Kasim KAT PJM PPS PPA TUDM (371536)- KCM PU Gong Kedak (TT 23 - 09 June 1983)
  23. Lt Kol Rosli bin Shamsuddin KAT PNBB PJM PPS PPA psc TUDM (371356) - PS1 Kontrak, MTU (TJP 38 - 11 April 1981)
  24. Lt Kol Mohammad Shuairi bin Abdullah AMN PJM PPS PPA psc TUDM (371242), PS2 Udara, BADSA (TJP 37 - 29 July 1981)
  25. L/Lt Kol Nazatul Rina bt Mohd Lasim TUDM (373575) - Juruiring DYMM Sultan Pahang (KTU - 15 Nov 2002)


Jasamu dikenang.

Retired Brig Jen and above

  1. Mej Jen Dato Hj Ali Nasirudin bin Ibrahim PSD DIMP PKK KAT AMN mpat psc TUDM- his last appointment was AKS Perkhidmatan Anggota, BPA, Markas ATM. He is the first RMAF Supply Officer achieved the rank of 'Mej Jen'.
  2. Brig Jen (U) Hj Mohd Tahir bin Abd Rahman (deceased). He retired in 1984.
  3. Brig Jen Dato Anim bin Harun DSNS KMN psc TUDM. - He took early retirement in 1989. He is now the MD of Dilog Training & Services Sdn Bhd and BOD of Rekapacific Bhd
  4. Brig Jen Datuk Richard Casimir Robless DSPN PAT SAP KMN mpat TUDM - his last appointment was Panglima No 3 Division Udara. He took early retirement in 1995 to lead the setting up of ATSC Sdn Bhd where he became the MD before he resigned in 1999. He is now the CEO of Rajawali Aerospace Sdn Bhd, BOD of Datum Corp Sdn Bhd, BOD of First Sunray Sdn Bhd and Chairman of Yayasan Tan Sri Dominic Vendargon.
  5. Brig Jen Hj Abd Rahman bin Mohd Rais PAT SMJ KAT KMN PIS awc mpat psc TUDM. He took early retirement in 1999 and passed away in Sept 2006.
  6. Brig Jen Dato Hj Mohd Idris bin Saman DIMP PAT JSM KAT SMS KMN mpat psc TUDM -he retired in 1999. He is now the BOD of Aeon Co (M) Bhd and Affin Fund Management Bhd.
  7. Brig Jen Dato Mior Azam bin Mior Safi DPMP PAT KMN mpat psc TUDM - his last appointment was AKS Logistik Pertahanan, BLP, Markas ATM. He retired in 2000. He is appointed as a BOD of Metal Reclaimation Bhd, Goh Ban Huat Bhd and MBC Defence Sdn Bhd.
  8. Brig Jen Dato Hj Othman bin Abd Majid DIMP PAT SMS KAT KMN mpat psc TUDM. He retired in Feb 2004 and joined AIROD untill 2007. He is now the Chairman of Global Aerospace Sdn Bhd.
  9. Brig Jen Dato' Roslan bin Kasim DIMP KAT AMN psc TUDM. He retired in July 2009.

Retired as Group Captain/Kolonel

  1. Gp Capt Mohd Shah bin Hashim.
  2. Kol (U) Loke Kok Lye - his last appointment was ADC SPB yang diPertuan Agong, Istana Negara.
  3. Kol (U) Lee Theng Koi - his last appointment was Pengarah Pengurusan Materiel.
  4. Kol Hj Mohamad bin Hj Awanglah mpat psc TUDM (deceased)- his last appointment was Deputy Director of Materiel.
  5. Kol Ishak bin Mohamed TUDM psc (deceased)- his last appointment was Defence Advisor in MALAWAKIL Moscow.
  6. Kol Ahmad Haidir bin Mohd Yusof PAT KMN mpat psc TUDM - his last appointment was KSK, MLU
  7. Kol Mahamad Fazim bin Ismail PAT KMN PKT mpat psc TUDM - his last appointment was Pengarah Pembangunan Operasi Bersama, BLP, Markas ATM

Retired as Wing Commander/Leftenan Kolonel

  1. Lt Kol (U) Lawrence Chai Tat Onn psc
  2. Lt Kol (U) Zali bin Shafie psc
  3. Lt Kol Ling Chung Hing psc TUDM
  4. Lt Kol Rajaratnam a/l Nadeson KAT KMN mpat psc TUDM
  5. Lt Kol Hj Mohd Johari bin Mohd Rais KAT psc TUDM - Armright
  6. Lt Kol Hj Mohd Sharif bin Badrishah psc TUDM
  7. Lt Kol Ayub bin Taib psc TUDM (deceased)
  8. Lt Kol Hj Abd Hamid bin Hj Abu Bakar KAT psc TUDM - Aerodime
  9. Lt Kol Kamarudin bin Kamaruzzaman psc TUDM - ZETRO Aerospace
  10. Lt Kol Hj Shaharudin bin Othman psc TUDM
  11. Lt Kol Hj Baharudin bin Sulaiman KAT AMN mpat psc TUDM (deceased)
  12. Lt Kol Mohd Ariffin bin Musa KAT psc TUDM - Zetro Aerospace
  13. Lt Kol Abd Rahman bin Abdullah KAT psc TUDM
  14. Lt Kol Hj Mohlisi bin Abd Manap psc TUDM (deceased)
  15. Lt Kol Nirwant Singh a/l Puran Singh KAT KMN TUDM
  16. Lt Kol Tham Say Quan KAT KMN mpat psc TUDM
  17. Lt Kol Mohd Zahari bin Jamaludin KAT AMN mpat psc TUDM*
  18. Lt Kol Mohamad Noor bin Mat Rani KMN mpat psc TUDM
  19. Lt Kol Khairudin bin Mohd Zahari AMN AMP psc TUDM - Satang Jaya
  20. Lt Kol Abdullah Khir bin Hj Saidi KAT AMN AMP ACM psc TUDM
  21. Lt Kol Hj Mazlan bin Din psc TUDM (deceased)
  22. Lt Kol Abdul Razak bin Abd Rahman KAT psc TUDM (now with APMM)

Retired as Squadron Leader/Mejar

  1. Mej (U) Hj Mohamed bin Hussein (deceased)
  2. Mej (U) Hj Zakaria bin Abd Ghani
  3. Mej (U) Abd Aziz bin Darwish
  4. Mej (U) Syed Mustapha TUDM
  5. Mej Ng Poh Wah TUDM
  6. Mej Ithnain bin Hussein TUDM (deceased)
  7. Mej Au Yeng
  8. Mej Paul Cowry
  9. Mej Abdul Rahman bin Ibrahim TUDM
  10. Mej Nik Hishamuddin bin Ibrahim TUDM
  11. Mej Hj Halim bin Mohd TUDM
  12. Mej Cazaly Moby Noah TUDM (formerly Ghazali bin Mohd Nor)
  13. Mej Abu Bakar bin Abd Rahman psc TUDM
  14. Mej Sharudin bin Kulop Lambok TUDM (deceased)
  15. Mej Hj Bokhari bin Ibrahim TUDM
  16. Mej Mansor bin Omar TUDM
  17. Mej Kamarudin bin Roman TUDM
  18. Mej Kamarudin bin Abdullah psc TUDM
  19. Mej Yeoh Kee Onn psc TUDM
  20. Mej Shamsudin bin Sulaiman TUDM (deceased)
  21. Mej Shamsudin bin Kassim TUDM
  22. Mej Phillip Yong TUDM
  23. Mej Sen Gupta Jibon Kumar TUDM (deceased)
  24. Mej Tahir bin Jais TUDM
  25. Mej Hj Syed Ibrahim bin Syed Agil Alhabsi TUDM
  26. Mej Zulkifli bin Ismail TUDM
  27. Mej Yeng Kam Foon TUDM
  28. Mej Mohd Zaihan @ Mohan bin Abdullah TUDM
  29. Mej Yiew Voon Chong TUDM
  30. Mej Hj Nawi bin Ismail TUDM (deceased)
  31. Mej Hj Ismail bin Hadi TUDM
  32. Mej Hj Ismail bin Hashim TUDM
  33. Mej Hj Rosli Misbah TUDM
  34. Mej Abd Razak Abd Rahman TUDM (now with AIROD)
  35. Mej Hj Tonan bin Bani TUDM
  36. Mej Halim bin Fadzil TUDM
  37. Mej Mohamad Rus bin Pilus TUDM
  38. Mej Jamal bin Idris TUDM
  39. Mej Sarudin bin Chonil TUDM
  40. Mej Abd Razak bin Abd Rahman TUDM (now with APMM)
  41. Mej Chin Hoon Shing TUDM
  42. Mej Izham bin Tawab (deceased)
  43. Mej Syed Mohamed bin Syed Sahil (Dr)
  44. Mej Abd Latif bin Zakaria TUDM
  45. Mej Mohd Isa bin Halilhan TUDM
  46. Mej Hj Mior Shapiei bin Mior Mohd Yusof psc TUDM
  47. Mej Rajah Krishnan a/l Perumal TUDM
  48. Mej Shahruzaman bin Hashim TUDM
  49. Mej Ali Khan bin Abd Rashid TUDM
  50. Mej Mohd Khaidzir bin Shafie TUDM - FJ Global
  51. Mej Kabul bin Surat psc TUDM
  52. Mej Hj Mior Muhammad bin Mior Sulaiman TUDM - Business Focus
  53. Mej Radzali bin Ratin TUDM
  54. Mej Adzmir bin Mohd Rais psc TUDM
  55. Mej Mohd Zawawi bin Osman psc TUDM
  56. Mej Mat Nor bin Ali TUDM
  57. Mej Mohd Zaini bin Harith TUDM
  58. Mej Kamal Badri bin Tak M.Zainuddin psc TUDM
  59. Mej Rusli bin Ibrahim TUDM
  60. Mej Borsra bin Abd Wahab TUDM
  61. Mej Othman bin Md Jahim psc TUDM - AIROD
  62. Mej Yap Mou Soon TUDM - Talian Saga
  63. Mej Azlan bin Abdul Aziz TUDM
  64. Mej Nai Pradik a/l Nai Leng TUDM -Solid Partner
  65. Mej Zulkifli bin Noor Din TUDM (deceased)
  66. Mej Abu Hanifah bin Hussin TUDM - Satang Jaya
  67. Mej Nasir bin Mamat TUDM
  68. Mej Zolkeple bin Ayub psc TUDM
  69. Mej Romle bin Mat Piah TUDM
  70. Mej Abd Karim bin Mohd Noor TUDM -Duo Log
  71. Mej Mior Hamdan bin Mior Kamarodin TUDM
  72. Mej Hafizan bin Abu Bakar TUDM
  73. Mej Raja Kandan a/l Ratnasingam TUDM
  74. Mej Mohd Zaini bin Harith TUDM
  75. Mej Osman bin Harun TUDM
  76. Mej Johany @ Johnny Mickey bin Abdullah TUDM
  77. Mej Ibrahim bin Ahmad TUDM- Satang Jaya
  78. Mej Azlan bin Abd Aziz TUDM
  79. Mej Noor Apandi bin Ahmad TUDM
  80. Mej Maria bt Hamzah TUDM
  81. Mej Mashita binti Mohd Shariff TUDM
  82. Mej Khairul Anuar bin Endut psc TUDM
  83. Mej Rusli bin Ibrahim TUDM*
  84. Mej Suffi bin Sulaiman TUDM*
  85. Mej Zahabuddin bin Kahfi TUDM
  86. Mej Mohd Azmi bin Abd Rahman TUDM*
  87. Mej Kasim bin Ismail TUDM
  88. Mej Mohd Ali Hanafiah bin Mohd Ariffin TUDM
  89. Mej Suhaimi bin Abd Rahman TUDM
  90. Mej Balan a/l Ayaru TUDM
  91. Mej Mohd Nazir bin Mohd Yusof TUDM
  92. Mej Zulkifli bin Mat Isa TUDM
  93. Mej Ismail bin Harun TUDM
  94. Mej Zainuddin bin Abu TUDM
  95. Mej Wahab TUDM (remastered pilot)
  96. Mej Nik (remastered pilot)
  97. Mej Zakir (remastered navigator)

Left at Flight Lieutenant/Kapten

  1. Flt Lt Mohamad bin Mohzir
  2. Kapt (U) Ravindranathan
  3. Kapt (U) Aishah
  4. Kapt (U) Zulkifli bin Ahmad (pernah bertanding Parlimen Bayan Lepas-DAP)
  5. Kapt (U) Ahmad Shakir bin Ismail
  6. Kapt (U) Ayub bin Shahrom (now with Eurocopter)
  7. Kapt (U) Ee Ten Long
  8. Kapt Jamaludin bin Hassan TUDM
  9. Kapt Abd Aziz bin Jamal TUDM
  10. Kapt Azizan TUDM
  11. Kapt Hassan TUDM (deceased)
  12. Kapt Subramaniam TUDM
  13. Kapt Sulaiman bin Idris TUDM
  14. Kapt Shamaun bin Yushak TUDM
  15. Kapt Azri bin Mohd Zain (now Dato')
  16. Kapt Zamri bin Talib TUDM
  17. Kapt Hidayat bin Khaidzir TUDM
  18. Kapt Selamat
  19. Kapt Mohd Yusof
  20. Kapt Saleh bin Ahmad TUDM
  21. Kapt Abu Hasan bin Johari TUDM
  22. Kapt Selvarajah a/l Muthu TUDM
  23. Kapt Hendri bin Hashim TUDM
  24. Kapt Isa bin Mahrop TUDM
  25. Kapt Subramaniam
  26. Kapt Amran bin Ariffin TUDM
  27. Kapt Goh Lee Hooi TUDM
  28. Kapt Nabil bin Abd Kadir TUDM (now Dato')
  29. Kapt Mohd Rezumaini bin Redzuan TUDM
  30. Kapt Abd Latif
  31. Kapt Sabarin bin Abu Bakar TUDM
  32. Kapt Nik Zamri bin Nik Lah TUDM
  33. Kapt Mukhrizam bin Makhtar TUDM
  34. Kapt Nazarudin bin Yahya TUDM
  35. Kapt Nasarudin bin Abd Aziz TUDM
  36. Kapt Badrul Hisyam bin Abd Aziz TUDM
  37. Kapt Zulkifli bin Othman TUDM (deceased) - remastered Pilot - died in Nuri crashed at Keningau.
  38. Kapt Suzi binti Sidek TUDM - now with AIROD
  39. Kapt Juji Rozanita bt Mohd San TUDM - now with AIROD
  40. Kapt Haniza bt Mohd Yusop TUDM - now with AIROD
  41. Kapt Azyunanis bt Ahmad TUDM
  42. Kapt Mohd Lazim bin Salleh TUDM
  43. Kapt Mohd Zamri TUDM
  44. Kapt Lee Nyuk Fah TUDM
  45. Kapt Kashmir Singh a/l Bhan Singh TUDM
  46. Kapt Badrul Hesham bin Termizi TUDM
  47. Kapt Azhar bin Hashim TUDl
  48. Kapt Zainal Abidin TUDM
  49. Kapt Yunus bin Yassin TUDM
  50. Kapt Mohd Faizal bin Ismail TUDM
  51. Kapt Mohd Faizul Azri TUDM
  52. Kapt Habani bin Yaakob TUDM
  53. Kapt Zulkarnaen @ Mokhtar bin Mamat TUDM
  54. Kapt Shareef bin Dato' Mustaffa TUDM
  55. Kapt Badrulzaman bin Syed Mahmud TUDM (deceased)
  56. Kapt Fong Seong Siew TUDM
  57. Kapt Mohd Ramizal bin Othman TUDM
  58. Kapt Sahat bin Ajarkasi TUDM
  59. Kapt Mohd Ruslim bin Saad TUDM
  60. Kapt Mohd Rashidi bin Mohd Zahidi TUDM

Living the RMAF at 'Pilot Officer/Flying Officer/Leftenan Muda/Leftenan

  1. Lt (U) Mohd Fadzin bin Ismail - ex-Nuri pilot.
  2. Lt (U) Zulkifli - Zul minyak
  3. Lt (U) Mohd Azli TUDM
  4. Lt (U) Salam TUDM
  5. Lt (U) Roslan
  6. Lt (U) Razali Ahmad Rogigan TUDM
  7. Lt Mahussin bin Abdullah TUDM
  8. Lt Mohd Zakir bin Saad TUDM
  9. Lt M (U) Jamaluddin Abd Ghani

Dear Sir, Gentlemen and Ladies (ex-RMAF Logistic Officers),

I am still updating this blog page. Those who read this blog and found your name (or any name that in your memory) is/are not in the above list, please email me your particulars. Thank You.

Materiel (or Logistic or Supply) Corps is well known with its 'strong comradeship and cooperation' in the RMAF. I quoted a statement from one of our senior Materiel officer. According to him, one of the PTU has said (toward the end of his service)

"I had done a lot of thing during my tenure as a Chief, I almost successful in any thing I wanted to do. But, one thing I failed to do is to break up the comradeship of the Logistic Officer"


''Jangan berbangga-bangga dengan Calvin Klien, Levi?s & Armani Exchange anda kerana pakaian TERAKHIR kita adalah Kain Kafan & perfume anda adalah kapur barus"

'' Jangan berbangga-bangga dengan BMW, & Caldina GTfour anda kerana Kenderaan TERAKHIR kita adalah Keranda yang akan diusung"

'' Jangan kita berbangga-bangga dengan Banglo dan Condo anda kerana Tempat istirehat kita yang TERAKHIR Kubur"

'' Jangan berbangga-bangga dengan Kehenseman atau Kecantikan kita kerana AKHIRNYA semuanya hanya menjadi santapan si Cacing dan Serangga"