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The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) (Tentera Udara DiRaja Malaysia (TUDM)) was formed on 2 June 1958 as the Royal Malayan Air Force (Tentera Udara Diraja Persekutuan). However, its roots could be traced to the Malayan Auxiliary AF formations of the Royal Air Force (British) in then colonial Malaya. Today, the Royal Malaysian Air Force operates a unique mix of modern US, European and Russian made aircraft.

On 25 October 1960, after the end of the Malayan Emergency, the British Royal Air Force handed over their first base in Malaya to the RMAF, the Sempang Airport, which was established on 1 June 1941, located in Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur which was formerly part of Selangor.

The first aircraft for the fledgling air force was a Scootish Aviation Twin Pioneer named “Lang Rajawali” by the then Prime Minister Tunku Abd Rahman Putra Alhaj. Several Malayans serving with the Royal Air Force transferred to the Royal Malayan Air Force. The role played by TUDM was limited initially to communications and the support of ground operations against Communist insurgents during the Malayan Emergency. TUDM received the first combat aircraft with the delivery of 20 Canadair CL41G Tebuan) (an armed version of the Canadair Tutor trainer). TUDM also received the Aerospatiale Alouette III helicopters, used in the liaison role.

With the formation of Malaysian Federation on 16 Sept 1963, the name of the force was changed to "Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia" or Royal Malaysian Air Force". New types introduced into service included the Handley Page (Dart) Herald transport and the de Haviland Canada DHC-4 (Caribou). TUDM received the Sikorsky S61A-4 (Nuri) helicopters in the late sixties and early seventies and used in the transport role. TUDM gained an air defence capability when the Australian Government donated 10 ex-RAAF CAC Sabre CA27 fighters. These were based at the Butterworth Air Base.

After the withdrawal of British military forces from Malaysia and Singapore at the end of 1971, a five-nation agreement between Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand concluded to ensure defense against external aggression. The RAAF maintained a Mirage III0 squadron at the Butterworth Air Base as part of its commitment to the Five Power Defence Agreement. This squadron has been withdrawn since 1983 though occasional deployment of RAAF aircraft continue.

With the withdrawal of the British military forces, TUDM underwent gradual modernisation in the 1970s and through the 1990s. The CA27 Sabre were replaced by 16 Northrop F-5E Tigers. A reconnaissance capability was acquired with the purchase of 2 RF-5E Tigereye aircraft. TUDM also purchased 88 Ex US Navy McDonnel Douglas A-4C Skyhawks and Grumman Bethpage refurbished 40 of the airframes into the A-4PTM (Peculiar To Malaysia) configuration (similar to A-4M standard). TUDM has traditionally looked to the West for its purchases, primarily to the United States. However, limitation imposed by the United States on "new technology" to the region such as the AIM-120 AMRAAM fire and forget air to air missiles has made TUDM consider purchases from Russia and other non-traditional sources.

The 90's saw the arrival first with the BaE Hawk Mk108/208 which replaced the T/A-4PTM's followed by the MiG-29N/NUB 1995 to take on the air superiority role, and finally the delivery of the F/A-18D Hornet in 1997 to provide the all weather interdictor capability. In 2003 a contract was signed for eighteen SU-30MKM for delivery in 2008 to fulfill a requirement for an initial order batch of multi-role combat aircraft (MRCA).

A requirement for a further eighteen MRCAs remains unfulfilled. TUDM is also looking for an AWACS aircraft, though no firm orders have been placed.

On 8 Dec 2005, four Airbus Military A400M aircraft were ordered to enhance the airlift capability. The first Malaysian aircraft will be delivered in 2013. In late 2006 the Government signed a contract to purchase 8Aermacchi MB-339CM to add to the 8 older MB-339AMs currently in service.


Air Commodore Alexander Vallance Ridell Johnstone CB DFC AE RAF
(born: 2 June 1916 - 13 Dec 2000)
Deputy Chief of Staff (Air), RMAF (30 Nov 1957 - 4 Sep 1958)

Alexander Vallance Riddell, Johnstone was born on 2 Jun 1916. He joined the British Auxillary Air Force in 1934 and undergone pilot training in No 602 (City of Glasgow) Sqn. He was appointed as a Flight Commander of No 602 Sqn on 12 July 1940 and it was as such that he led the squadron down to Westhampnett in No 11 Group during August 1940 to take part in the Battle of Britain before returning to Scotland in December. On 12 May 1941 he was appointed as a Fighter Controller in RAF Turnhouse and as a result he became involved in the incident of Rudolf Hess' (Hitler's deputy) attempt to negotiate a peace settlement. and after that he was posted to various appointment.

During the World War II, he was the Squadron Leader Operations, HQ No 263 Wing, RAF Levant in Africa and later between Sep 1942 to Feb 1943 became the Deputy Station Commander and also Fighter Controller in RAF Luqa, Malta. In March 1943 he attended RAF Staff College and after that posted to various appointments such as Wing Commander (Flying) of No 56 OTU, Officer Commanding, RAF Fairwood Common, SO1 Operations 1', HQ AEAF.

On 1 June 1944, he was absorbed into the regular service in RAF and posted to Staff Officer, Supreme Allied Commander, later working in HQ Allied Expeditionary Air Forces (AEAF) where he was in charge of RAF fighter operations alongside an American Colonel holding similar responsible for USAAF fighters.

In 1945 he attended US Army & Naval Staff Colleges and upon graduation he worked in Air Staff, HQ No 12 Group before appointed as Air Attaché in Dublin. On 10 Dec 1946, he was appointed to Permanent Commission in the rank of Squadron Leader before be promoted to Wing Commander on 1 Jul 1947. After that he assumed various appointment such as a Personal Air Secretary to Under Secretary of State for Air, Station Commander, RAF Ballykelly (1951), Officer Commanding, Air Sea Warfare Development Unit (1952), and SASO, HQ No 12 Group (1953) before get promoted to Group Captain on 1 Jan 1954.

In Jan 1956 he was appointed to a Deputy Air Defence Commander, HQ RAF Malaya. In 1957 he was promoted to Acting Air Commodore and appointed to Deputy Chief of Staff (Air), Royal Malayan Air Force. Here he was responsible for the setting up of an air defence network which was accomplished quite easily and quickly leaving him time to improve his golf. This lack of employment resulted in his services being offered by the AOC to the Head of State (designate) of the soon to be independent Malaysia as an Air Adviser to assist in the formation of a Malaysian Air Force. Following the formation of the Malaysian Federation he was seconded to the newly formed Royal Malaysian Air Force as the Deputy Air Commander, with the rank of Air Commodore, which was in fact the senior appointment as his superior was the Army commander, who was in overall command of the Malayan Forces. He overseen the establishment of the RMAF including the acquisition of it's first aircraft, design of it's national markings and setting up it's administrative systems.

On 1 August 1958 he was promoted to Air Commodore and holding the positions of Station Commander, RAF Middleton St George before attending Imperial Defence College in Jan 1961. Later he was appointed as Director of Personnel (Air), Department of The Air Secretary(Dec 1961), Air Commander, Commonwealth Forces – Borneo (Mar 1964). 'Sandy Johnstone’ was able to assess the progress made by the RMAF since he had formed it in 1957 when he was posted to the Far East as Commander of the Commonwealth Forces operating in Borneo during the 'Confrontation', of which the RMAF was part. On 1 July 1965 he was promoted to Air Vice Marshall and posted to AOC, No 18 Group/Air Officer, Scotland & Northern Ireland.

He retired from RAF on 14 Dec 1968. Following his retirement, he has had quite a successful career as an author. He has also been a businessman as both a Director and Chairman of Climax Cleaning Co. as well as being a Deputy Lieutenant of Glasgow from 1971 until 1991. He died on 13 Dec 2000.

Citation for the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross

“Acting Squadron Leader Alexander Vallance Riddell JOHNSTONE (90163), Auxiliary Air Force. This officer has proved himself to be a leader of ability and determination and has been mainly responsible for the high standard of morale in his squadron. He has destroyed four enemy aircraft of which one was shot down at night.”

(London Gazette – 1 October 1940)

Air Commodore Nicol Challis Hyde CBE LoM(C) RAF
(born: 20 Nov 1910 - died: 12 Sep 1987)
(5 Sep 1958 - 31 De 1959)

Noel Challis Hyde was born on 20 Nov 1910. He entered the RAF as a Pilot Officer on 13 Sep 1929 and undergone pilot training No. 5 FTS. Upon his completion he served as a pilot in 26 Sqn until 4 Mar 1932 when he transferred to No 208 Sqn. He was promoted to Fg Off on 13 Mar 1931 and Flt Lt on 13 Mar 1935. On 14 Nov 1935 he posted to serve as a Staff Officer in RAF Depot, Middle East and later at HQ HQ British Forces in Palestine and Transjordan.

He qualified as a test pilot on 19 May 1937, promoted to Sqn Ldr on 1 Aug 1938 and then Wg Cdr on 1 Dec 1940 and appointed to command No 207 Sqn in Nov 1940. On 8 Apr 1941 he became Prisoner of war (Stalag Luft III). On the night of 7/8 April 1941, he was flying Manchester L7302 on a mission to Kiel, when the starboard engine was hit by flak, catching fire. All the crew managed to abandon the aircraft, which crashed near Hamburg and were taken prisoner.

He was promoted to Gp Capt on 1 Jul 1948 and on 5 Sep 1949 he was appointed as Group Captain - Intelligence in HQ 2nd Tactical Air Force. He was appointed to Officer Commanding, RAF Binbrook in Dec 1951 and on 21 Sep 1953 he was promoted to Act A/Cdre and appointed to Director of Operations (2) in RAF HQ. (promoted A/Cdre: 1 Jul 1954). On 15 Jan 1956 he was posted to Commandant, Central Flying School.

On 30 May 1958 he took over the appointment of Chief of Air Staff, Royal Malayan Air Force and also a Air Force Member of Armed Forces Council, Malaya.

Prior to his retirement he was appointed to a Commandant of RAF Staff College, Andover on 30 Oct 1960. He retired on 20 Nov 1962 and he died on 12 Sep 1987.

Grop Captain John Nichol Stacey CBE DSO DFC JMN RAF

(born 14 Sep 1920 - died: 25 Sep 2003)

Chief of Air Staff, Royal Malayan Air Force (1 Jan 1960 - 19 May 1963)

John Nichol Stacey was born in Cardiff on 14 Sep 1920. He joined the RAF in Jul 1938 as a training Pilot and commissioned on 17 Sept 1938 as a Pilot Officer. He served in No 240 Sqn (Nov 1939 – Nov 1940) when he did his QFI, Flying Boat Conversion Unit. In Sep 1941 he posted as a Pilot/Flight Commander of No 202 Sqn and later in Jul 1942 as a Flight Commander of No 205 Sqn. On 25 Jul 1942 he was transferred to the RAFO and called up for air force service. In Jul 1943 he was appointed to Officer Commanding, Far East Flying Boat Training Unit (in Mombassa) and in Feb 1944 he was attached to Royal Navy on Special Duty. This involved being attached to the Royal Navy in command of ten Catalinas tasked with locating and destroying the German submarine mother ship Charlotte Schliemann. Operating from Mauritius, his aircraft and the Royal Navy eventually located and sunk the German vessel

In Jun 1944 he was promoted to Wg Cdr (Aux) and appointed to Flight Commander, No 160 Sqn and on 12 Aug 1944 became a Officer Commanding, No 160 Sqn, Ceylon (Liberator III/V/VI).

On 2 Apr 1946 he was appointed to Permanent Commission in the rank of Flight Lieutenant (retaining rank current at the time). [effective 1 Sep 1945 antedated to 1 Dec 1942 on 25 Feb 1947]. He was promoted to Sqn Ldr RAF on 1 Aug 1947 and served as Staff Officer РSpecial Duties in HQ No 222 Group. He was posted to Staff, Directorate-General of Personnel (III) on 8 Nov 1945, and on 10 Oct 1947 he held the Assistant Air Attach̩, Washington.

In Jan 1949 he attended RAF Staff College, Bracknell and in Jan 1950 posted to Organisation Staff, HQ Bomber Command until Apr 1952 when he attended RAF Flying College. On 01 July 1953 he was promoted to Wing Commander,appointed as a Wg Cdr (Flying), RAF Binbrook and later on 21 Mar 1955 posted to Wing Commander (Training), HQ No 3 (Bomber) Group. In Apr 1958 he was posted to Directing Staff, RAF Staff College, Bracknell. He was promoted to Gp Capt on 1 Jul 1959.

He was seconded to the Royal Malayan Air Force as its Chief of Staff in the Malayan Air Force on 28 May 1960 until 15 Sep 1963. He then was posted to command RAF Laarbruch. He was again posted to RAF RAF Staff College, Bracknell as a Planning Staff in Mar 1966 and later became Group Captain (Plans) in Nov 1966. On 11 Aug 1967 he was posted to Director of Command and Staff Training (RAF).

He was promoted to Act Air Commodore on 18 Jun 1968 and appointed to AOC, Air Cadets/Commandant, Air Training Corps until 28 Jul 1971 when he transferred to hold Director of Organisation and Admin Plans.

On 1 Jan 1974 he was promoted to Air Vice Marshall (AVM) and on 16 Feb 1974 he was appointed to AOA, HQ RAF Support Command.

He retired from RAF on 1 Jan 1976. He died on 25 Dec 2003

Citation for the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross.

“Acting Squadron Leader John. Nicol STACEY (41207), No.205 Squadron. This officer has completed much operational flying, involving reconnaissances over the Atlantic, Indian oceans and the Mediterranean. He is a fearless captain, whose determination to achieve .success has set a most inspiring example.”

(London Gazette – 5 February 1943)

Gp Capt C.S.J. West AFC JMN RAF

(20 May 1963 - 13 May 1965)

Air Commodore Alasdair Mackay Sinclair Steedman (Sir) GCB KCB CB CBE DFC FRAeS FBIM JMN RAF

(born: 29 Jan 1922 - died: 1992)

(14 May 1965 - 31 Oct 1967)

Alistair Steedman Alisdair McKay Sinclair was born on 29 Jan 1922 and entered the RAF in January 1941. Following completion of his flying training, he was commissioned and posted to No 241 Squadron. Equipped with Mustangs, the squadron was based at Ayr and was involved in Tactical Recce operations in support of the Army When No 241 Squadron was prepared for overseas, he transferred to No 2 Sqn in order to assist them in converting to the Mustang, continuing to fly with No 2 until the end of the war (1945) when he was posted to Air Staff, Air Ministry.

On 2 Apr 1946 he was appointed to Permanent Commission in the rank of Flying Officer (retaining rank current at the time). [wef 27 Sep 1945].

On 30 Jun 1948 he was posted as Officer Commanding of No 39 Sqn, later (1949) took over Officer Commanding, No 8 Sqn and promoted to Sqn Ldr on 1 Jul 1950. He attended Course No 122, Central Flying School in 1951 and then posted to Officer Commanding, Training Sqn - No 201 AFS.

He attended RAF Staff College in 1955 and after that posted to Chief Instructor, CFS (B) and later promoted to Wg Cdr on 1 Jul 1956. He was later appointed to become Officer Commanding, Royal Ceylon Air Force Katanayake 1 Jul 1957.

He attended Joint Services Staff College in 1959 and upon completion his course on 23 May 1960he was appointed as Directing Staff, Joint Services Staff College. He was promoted to Gp Capt on 1 Jan 1962 and later on 29 Oct 1962 he was posted to Officer Commanding, RAF Lyneham. On 4 Jan 1965 he was transferred to Air Staff, HQ Transport Command and on 13 May 1965 he was promoted to Air Commodore to be Chief of Air Staff of Royal Malaysian Air Force and also Air Force Member - Malaysian Armed Forces Council.

He ended his service in Malaysia on 15 Dec 1967 and posted to Director of Defence Plans (Air), later to Director, Defence Operations Staff in 1968 and promoted to Air Vice Marshall on 15 Feb 1969 for the appointment of Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Policy) which he held since 1 Jan 1969.

On 14 Jul 1971 he was appointed to SASO, HQ Strike Command and later became a Commandant, RAF Staff College on 2 Oct 1972. On 3 Jun 1976 he was promoted to Air Marshall to be a Air Member for Supply and Organisation.

He achieved the highest rank in the RAF on 26 Oct 1977 when he promoted to Air Chief Marshall and became a UK Military Representative in NATO HQ Military Committee.

He retired on 24 Jan 1981. Following retirement, he became Controller of the RAF Benevolent Fund as well as serve on a large number of bodies and organisations. Such organisations have included, the National Advisory Centre for Careers for Women (1988), RAF Small Arms Association (Vice Patron 1978 - ), Central Flying School Association (Patron 1984 - ), International Air Tattoo (Chairman 1981 - 88, Vice-Patron 1988 - ) and memberships of the Board of Governors of Gordon School (1987 - ) and Hampton School (1976 - ). He was also a Liveryman of the Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators.

Citation for the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross

“Flight Lieutenant Alexander McKay Sinclair STEEDMAN (123469), R.A.F.V.R., 241 Sqn. This officer has completed many reconnaissance sorties over Central Italy and Yugoslavia. On numerous occasions he has flown across heavily defended enemy harbours and has brought back accurate and valuable information Of enemy shipping activity. On one occasion he was largely responsible for the destruction or setting on fife of 16 vehicles of an enemy convoy. Flight Lieutenant Steedman has displayed exceptional keenness and determination and he has set a fine example to his squadron.”

(London Gazette – 27 October 1944)

Air Vice Marshall Datuk Sulaiman bin Sujak PSM DPMS DIMP JMN rcds psc
(now Tan Sri)
(born: 1934)
(1 Nov 1967 - 31 Dec 1976)

Lt Jen (U) Dato' Mohamed bin Taib SPMK PNBS SPDK DPMJ DPMK DIMP..... MBA rcds psc jt
(born in Kelantan:1939 and died: 28 July 2002)
(01 Jan 1977 - 28 August 1983)

Lt Jen Tan Sri Dato' Mohamad bin Ngah Said PGAT PSM SIMP DSAP JMN KMN ABS PTU PGP PKB psc TUDM

(born in Lahat, Perak:19xx)

(24 August 1983 - 18 Mar 1990)

Lt Jen Dato Seri Mohd Yunus bin Mohd Tasi PGAT PSM SPTS SIMP DPTS JMN ASDK KMN ndc pscTUDM (now Tan Sri)
(born in Kota Baharu, Perak: 19xx)

(19 March 1990 - 8 Aug 1993)

Lt Jen Dato Seri Abdul Ghani bin Abdul Aziz PGAT PSAT SPTS SIMP DPMK JMN BK PTU MA rcds psc jt TUDM
(born in ....: 19xx)
(19 August 1993 - 9 August 1996)

Jen Tan Sri Dato' Seri Ahmad Saruji bin Che Rose PGAT PSM PSAT SPTS SIMP DPTS PAT SDK KMN AMN BCK ndc awc psc jt TUDM
(born in Perak: 1946)

(10 August 1996 - 11 Jun 2001)

Jen Dato Sri Suleiman bin Hj Mahmud PGAT PSAT SSAP SPTS PJN SIMP DSAP DIMP PAT KMN BK MSc DipBA awc psc jt TUDM

(born in Pahang: 4 Sep 1947)
(12 Jun 2001 - 3 March 2003)

(born in Lahat, Perak: 5 Jul 1948 )

(4 March 2003 - 4 April 2004)

Abdullah (well known as 'Dollah Nasution') was born on 5 July 1948 at Lahat, Perak. He joined the Royal Military College and commissioned as Pilot Officer on 22 Sep 1968.

He completed his flying training from RMAF Alor Setar and was awarded 'a Flying Wing' on 8 Feb 1970. He was promoted to Flying Officer on 22 Sep 1971, and Flt Lt on 4 Dec 1972. He was later attended Flying Instructor Course in United Kingdom in 1972. He served as a Helicopter Pilot for 12 years before changed his career into 'Fighter Pilot'. As a 'chopper pilot' he served in various units such as No 5 Sqn, RMAF Labuan, Instructor Pilot in Helicopter Flying School, RMAF KL, Pilot Examiner, Flight Commander and Sqn Commander of No. 10 Sqn, RMAF Kuantan. He was promoted to Mejar on 21 June 1979.

He did his conversion to Fighter pilot in 1982 and started his career with 'dual cat' (fighter and helicopter). He attended RAF Staff College, Bracknell, UK in 1982. He commanded No 6 Sqn, RMAF Kuantan and promoted to Act Lt Kol on 11 June 1984.

In his rank of Lt Kol, he experienced variuos important appointment such as SO 1 Fighter in Air Operations HQ (MABES), Flight Commander and also Officer Commanding of No 12 Sqn, OC Flying of RMAF Butterworth, Chief Instructor of No 1 Flying Training Centre, RMAF Alor Setar and Commandant of Officers' Cadet School (SPK).

He pursued his study in 1986 and graduated in Master of Defence Studies and International Relations from the Univesity of Lancaster, UK on 16 Nov 1988.

He was promoted to Kolonel on 8 Oct 1992 and assumed the appointment of Commanding Officer of RMAF Base Kuantan and a year later posted to RMAF HQ as a Director of Training until he promoted to Brig Jen on 1 Jan 1995 to hold the 'Panglima' of No 1 Air Division.

On 31 Dec 1996 he was appointed to Commandant of MAF Defence College (MPAT) and later to Director of Training in Defence Operations and Training Division (BOLP), Armed Forces HQ. He came back to the RMAF on 1 July 2000 as he was appointed to Chief of Operations Staff (KSO) and promoted to Mej Jen. He became a second man in the RMAF when he was appointed to be a Deputy Chief of Air Force (TPTU) and promoted to Lt Jen on 11 Jun 2001.

His career in RMAF reached to the top when he was appointed to a Chief of Air Force (PTU) and promoted to full General on 4 March 2003. He retired on 5 April 2004.

Throughout his career in the RMAF he had flown for more than 5000 hours in various type of aircraft such as Alouette, Nuri S61A, Tebuan CL41G, F5E, MB339A, CN235, F/A-18D and MiG-29. Abdullah married to Nuritun Ashikin bt Kassim and issued with 4 children

Jen Tan Sri Dato Sri Nik Ismail bin Nik Mahmud PGAT PSM PSAT PSD SSAP SPTS SPKK DSAP DPKK PAT SMP KMN AMN ndc psc jt

(born in Kelantan: 30 Jan 1951)

(4 April 2004 - 30 Oct 2006)

Nik Ismail was born in Kota Bharu, Kelantan on 30 Jan 1951. He entered Royal Military College on 6 Mar 1969 and was commissioned (Pilot Officer) into the RMAF on 10 Oct 1969. He was awarded with Flying Wing on 4 Sep 1970 and then served as a fighter pilot in No 6 Sqn, RMAF Kuantan and No 11 Sqn, RMAF Butterworth.

In 1973, he attended Flying Instructor Course in Australia and upon completion he was posted to Instructor in RMAF Flying Training Centre, Alor Setar and promoted to Flt Lt on 21 Aug 1974. After 5 years served as Instructor, he was posted to No 2 Sqn, RMAF KL to fly VIP aircraft from 1978 to 1981. He was promoted to Mejar on 1 Jan 1980. In his rank 'Mejar' he held various appointments such as Pilot Examiner, SO2 Examining Unit (MABES), SO2 Transport (MAWILUD 1) and Flight Commander No 12 Sqn.

He was promoted to Lt Kol on 1 Jan 87 and appointed to Officer Commanding (OC) of No 12 Sqn, and then posted to RMAF Base Kuantan to hold OC No 6 Sqn and No 9 Sqn (Skyhawk). In his rank, he was also holding the appointments of Commanding Officer RMAF Base Labuan, Head of Air Defence Operations Centre (POPU) and Assistant DS in MPAT. He attended 'Joint Service Staff College, Australia in 1993.

On the 1 Jan 1994, he was posted to Head of In-Country Project Team (MiG-29) and promoted to Kolonel. Two years later he was promoted to Brig Jen (10 Ogos 1996) and appointed as a Commander of No 3 Air Division (Logistic Command).

He was promoted to Mej Jen on 17 Sep 1999 and appointed to Assistant Chief of Staff (ACOS) Defence Operations and Training, Armed Forces HQ and later ACOS Personnel Services until 2003.

On 04 March 2003, he was appointed to Deputy Chief of Air Force and promoted to Lt Jen TUDM and finally on 5th Apr 2004, he was promoted to 'Jeneral' and trusted to hold the appointment of 'Chief of Air Force' until his retirement.

Nik Ismail retired from the RMAF on 30th Oct 2006. He married to Rosna bt Abd Rahman and blessed with 4 children.


(born in Yan, Kedah: 25 Okt 1952)

(30 Oct 2006 - 31 Ogos 2009)

Azizan was born in Yan, Kedah on 25 Oct 1952. He completed his basic military training in Royal Military College and commissioned as a Pilot Officer in Air Traffic Control Branch on 16 April 1971.

He attended Basic and Advanced Air Traffic Controller in Australia and served as ATC Officer in RMAF KL,JATCC Singapore and RMAF Kuantan. He changed his career from ATC Officer to be a pilot and awarded with 'flying wing' on 8 July 1977. He held various appointment such as pilot examiner, VIP pilot, flying instructor and OC No 2 Sqn.

He attended Air Command and Staff College in USA and National Defence College in India. Among the prominent appointments he held in the RMAF was Defence Advisor in Pakistan (Lt Kol), Director of Training in RMAF HQ (Kolonel), Commander of No 2 Air Division (Brig Jen), Commandant of Air Force College, Commandant of Armed Forces Academy, Chief of Operations Staff (Mej Jen), Deputy Chief of Air Force (TPTU) (Lt Jen) and achieved the top position in the RMAF as a Chief of Air Force (PTU) and promoted to Jeneral on 30 Oct 2006.

He created the history when he was appointed to a Chief of Defence Forces (Panglima Angkatan Tentera) on 1 Sep 2009. He is the first 'PAT' from the RMAF.

Azizan married to Norainee bt Abd Rahim and issued with 5 children.

The Most Historic Moment for the RMAF
1st September 2009, Gen Tan Sri Azizan bin Ariffin TUDM is appointed
and be the first RMAF Officer as the Chief of Defence Forces (CDF)


Jen Tan Sri Dato Sri Rodzali bin Daud PSM PSAT SSAP SIMP DIMP PAT SMT KMN AMP MSc(QAU) MA(UKM) ndc mpat psc jt TUDM
(born in Besut, Terengganu: 11 Mac 1955)

(1 Sep 2009 - now)

Rodzali was born at Besut, Terengganu on 11 March 1955. The received his early education at Sekolah Tengku Mahmood, Besut and his secondary education at Royal Military College, Sg Besi. He commissioned into the RMAF on 31 October 1973.

He attended his basic and advanced flying training in Australia in 1974 and served as a fighter pilot in No 6 Sqn, Kuantan (Tebuan CL-41G aircraft) and No 12 Sqn, Butterworth (F-5E) before posted to RMC as a cadet instructor. His also experience in commanding various level of RMAF organisations such as,Acting Commandant of 3FTC (MB339A), CO No 12 Sqn, CO No 17 Sqn (Mig-29) and Base Commander of RMAF Kuantan Air Base.

Other than command experience in his service he was also holding various administrative appointments such as Staff Officer in Air Defence Command, Team Leader for MiG 29N Project Team in Moscow and Defence Advisor in Moscow.

Prior to his appointment as a Chief of Air Force, he served as Brigadier General Operations in Air Operations HQ, ACOS Plans and Development, Commander for Training and Education Command (Brig Jen), Commander of No 1 Air Division (Mej Jen) and Air Operations Commander (Lt Jen).

Rodzali is a graduate of Air Command and Staff College, New Zealand (1989), Maktab Pertahanan Angkatan Tentera (2002) and obtained Masters in Defence Studies from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. He also graduated from Pakistan National Defence University (with a Masters in Strategic Studies from Quad-i-Azam University) in 2006.

Rodzali married to Asnah binti Din and blessed with 2 sons.