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ITM SHAH ALAM: DBS (1986-1989)


(JUNE 1986 - MAY 1989)


If you read my tale in the previous sections, my journey to climb a 'Menara gading' was truncated in UTM (1979). So, what choices did I have? Though, my heart was strong for doing another try (I mean to study) but, I felt so embarrassed with my parents. I had dissapointed them, wasted their money and killed their hope on me. I was the first in my family having an opportunity to step into the university. So, I didn't want to cling around any more. So, quietly I applied for Officer Cadet School. The shortest way to get a money (salary). Otherwise, with my SPM, how much I can earn? At that time the salary for SPM holder in the government was RM370/month.

When I was working in Kuantan (1983-86), I applied for UITM off-campus course. It was successful, I got an offer to study 'Diploma in Accountancy' in ITM Kuantan but I did not register due to financial constraint. God with me. I was selected by the RMAF to take up Diploma Course in ITM Shah Alam in June 1986 intake. There, my life in ITM started.

I moved to Shah Alam and rented a house in Seksyen 17 Shah Alam.

Orientation Week (OW)

I would like to enjoy the real student life. Eventhough I had a chance to be excused from the OW (on my capacity as a matured student) I did not want to feel the experience. So, I pretended like a fresh student (with a confuse-looked face). All the seniors (OW Committee) did not recognise that I am a Lieutenant in the Air Force. I told my dormitory mate for not to tell anybody about my background. The OW committee (all younger than me) treated me like a fool…., me mys self also pretended like a fool. Crawl, press-up, kiss the floor etc. I just follow all the instructions. My intention was to feel the true student life. Not even 2% of the ragging experience in RMAF Kuching.

Throughout the OW, I was staying in Perindu Hostel. I would read the programme and some of the programme, especially lectures were not really beneficial to me, at night some more. So, I would find ways to escape from joining them. So, what I did? was sleeping in my car (at the parking slot near to the hostel). This because, I found that they never done a headcount or roll-call before going to any programme. Hahaha. I would join them back when the group coming back to the hostel for night room inspection by the 'gatai' seniors.

I like the Directer then, Prof Datuk Nik Abd Rashid (deceased). His speeches were always touching the heart of the Malays. One of the 'patriotic songs' taught to us during the OW and really touched my heart was 'Anak Kecil Main Api'


Anak kecil main api
Terbakar hatinya yang sepi
Air mata darah bercampur keringat
Bumi dipijak milik orang

Nenek moyang kaya raya
Tergadai seluruh harta benda
Akibat sengketa sesamalah kita
Cinta lenyap di arus zaman

Indahnya bumi kita ini
Warisan berkurun lamanya
Hasil mengalir ke tangan yang lain
Peribumi merintih sendiri

Masa depan sungguh kelam
Kan lenyap peristiwa semalam
Tertutuplah hati terkunci mati
Maruah peribadi dah hilang

Kini kita hanya tinggal kuasa
Yang akan menentukan bangsa
Bersatulah hati bersama berbakti
Pulih kembali harga diri

Kita sudah tiada masa
Majulah dengan maha perkasa
Janganlah terlalai teruskan usaha
Melayukan gagah di nusantara

Together with me joining ITM (from the RMAF) were LtM Khairul Anuar Endut (DIA), Kapt Rainizuddin Hanur (Dip in Computer Sc) and LtM Kamarudin Kasim (CIT).

To get back the study mood after 7 years leaving the classroom was also a tough job, especially mathematical subject. My trauma of being failed my Math paper in UTM (1979) still mingling around in my head.


First Semester (June - Nov 1986)

  1. Fundamentals of Business (MGT100) - 3.33 - En Yeop Hussein bin Bidin (now Dr)
  2. Financial Accounting I (ACC100) - 3.67 - En Mohd Johar Omar & Pn Noraiza Che Awang
  3. Business Mathematics (MAT140) - 4.00 En Hanafi Tumin
  4. Pendidikan Islam I (UIS101) - 2.00 Abdullah Khalid /Ustaz Hj Salleh Daud
  5. Foundation English A1(ENL 081) - Miss Barbara Bonney.
GPA: 3.44 CGPA: 3.44

2nd Semester (Jan - May 1987)

  1. Fundamentals of Management (MGT120) - 3.33 - Puan Loo Giok Har & En Mohd Naim Ahmad (now Dr)
  2. Economics I (ECO100) - 1.67 -Pn Norizan Mohamed
  3. Financial Accounting II (ACC150) - 2.33 -En Mohd Radzuan & Pn Chong Moi Moi
  4. Business Statistics (QMT150) - 3.00 - Ms Vani
  5. Arabic Language I (ARB101) - 4.00 Ust Hassan bin Mohd Ali
  6. Fundation English IIA (ENL131) - 4.00 - Ms Ng Seow Siong
  7. Pendidikan Islam II - 3.33 - Ust Ayub Othman & Ustazah Wan Asma'
GPA: 3.08 CGPA: 3.20

3rd Semester (June - Nov 1987)

  1. Fundamental of Marketing (MKT130) - 3.67 - Tengku Chik Melewar & Pn Ammeriah Hussein
  2. Fundamental of Finance (FIN150) - 3.33 - En Abd Halim bin Mohd Ibrahim.
  3. Economic II (EC0250) - 3.00 - Pn Rosylin Mohd Yusof.
  4. Financial Accounting III (ACC205) - 3.67 - En Abd Latif Ismail & Mr Felix Wong
  5. Intermediate English A (ENL181) - 2.67 - Pn Koh Su Ling
  6. Pemikiran Islam Semasa (UIS201) - 3.67 - Ustazah Rokiah Mohamad & Ust Zulkarnain Yussof.
  7. Arabic Language II (ARB102) - 4.00 - Ust Hassan bin Mohd Ali
CGP: 3.41 CGPA: 3.28

4th Semester (Jan - May 1988)

  1. Fundamentals of Transport (TPT100) - 3.67 - Cik Sabariah bt Mohamamad (now Dr) & En Mohd Yusof bin Sulaiman (now Dr)
  2. Fundamentals of Insurance (INS100) - 3.33 -Mr Ong Kim Huah
  3. Economic III (ECO300) - 3.33 -Pn Jan Ng Phaik Lian
  4. Reading & Report Writing (ENL236) - 3.33 - Puan Foong Beng Sim
  5. Tamaddun Islam (UIS251) - 4.00 - Ust Abdullah Mohamad & Ust Azam Hamzah
  6. Arabic Language III (ARB103) - 4.00 - Ust tajuddin bin Mohd Noor
GPA: 3.59 CGPA: 3.36

5th Semester (Jun - Nov 1988)

  1. Elements of Law (LAW102) - 2.33 - Pn Rohazarwati & En Haidar
  2. Data Processing (CSC105) - 2.00 - Puan Roslina Md Nawi & En Azis Othman
  3. Investment (FIN220) - 3.00 - Tuan Hj Amir bin Zainol Abidin
  4. Malaysian Bus Environment (MGT205) - 3.33 -Pn Zaafaran bt Hassan (now Dr)
  5. Consumer Behavior (MKT311) - 2.67 -Pn Wan Juria bt Hood
  6. Marketing Research (MKT324) - 3.67 - Dr Khalifah bin Othman
  7. Sistem Ekonomi Islam (UIS302) - 3.00 - Ust Ezani bin Yaakob
  8. Functional English (ENL238) - 2.33 - Pn Bhajan Kaur
  9. Arabic Language IV (ARB104) - 4.00 - Ust Mohd Zabawi bin Abdullah
GPA: 2.98 CGPA: 3.26

6th Semester (Jan - May 1989)

  1. Production (MGT212) - 3.33 -Pn Fauziah Noordin (Dr)
  2. Organizational Behavior (MGT213) - 2.00 - Pn Zaafaran Hassan (Dr)
  3. Personnel Management (MGT214) - 3.67 -Pn Loo Gaik Har
  4. Industrial & Commercial Law (LAW262) - 3.67 -Pn Baduyah bt Obeng*
  5. Principles of Advertising (MKT323) - 3.67 -Pn Ubaidah bt Mohamed
  6. Business Research (BUS364) - 3.33 - Puan Zairon bt Othman & Gp Advsr: Pn Ameriah Hussein.
  7. Sistem Ekonomi Islam (UIS352) - 3.33 (Ghafarullahulahuddin Hj Din)

    GPA: 3.28 CGPA: 3.26

Saat yang mendebarkan- kali pertama merasai perjalanan untuk menerima segulung diploma

Menerima segulung diploma dari Ahli Majlis ITM

Puan Baduyah Obeng- my Law lecturer (final semester)
*sentiasa senyum walaupun student terkial-kial tak faham kes*
(masa i develop blog ni, i did my searching untuk cari gambar2 my lecturers, jumpa pulak fb beliau... jadi after more than 20 years, dapat bersembang semula, walaupun dalam fb. Nice to meet u again Bad.
She is now in UITM Sarawak.

AGM 'DBS Society' 1987 (me, Azlan and Jasmin)

DBS students; sitting/squatting from left: me, Jabbar & Azman (Bote)
Standing from left: Mohd Shahlan, Hilme, Jasmin, Azlan A.Azizah, Rochi (nickname), Kamarudin


mencapai ke puncak jaya


New emblem introduced in 1999 upon upgrading to University Status and change of name from ITM to UiTM


When I received an offer to further my study to ITM, I knew nothing about Shah Alam area. I was lucky, one of my Warrant Officer in Kuantan (PW (Rtd) Lokman-deceased) had bought a double-story terrace house in Sect 17, Shah Alam. So,he offered his house for me to rent. Simple negotiation, rental for RM280 per month -agreed. The house address at No 27, Jalan 17/3 (Kenanga), Seksyen 17, Shah Alam. At that time, that area was still new, almost half of the houses were not occupied. Almost every nite there was a theft case. So, the inhabitants agreed to form up so-called 'Rukun Tetangga'. A volunteer service. So, every night we had a 'security guard shift' from 1200 am to 6am. 2 hr duty and 4 persons per shift. Unfortunately, not all of them volunteer to cooperate. The efforts was slowly not working.

I stayed in that house for about a year, then I moved to house belong to one 'Mak Cik' (i forgot her name). I also forgot the address of that house. Better house, a single storey terrace with awning extension in front and at the back. This house had its own storey. First, the water bill was very high, suspected leaking at the pipeline. I had reported so many time but no action taken. Second, I was disturbed by the people who were coming, looking for that 'Mak Cik' asking for 'hutang'. Then I knew that 'Mak Chik' was a 'kaki tipu'. Macam-macam kes tipu sana sini and involved thousands. I did not stay long in this house. End up, I myself was nearly cornered by that 'Mak Cik'.

One day, a family man came to my house and claimed that, he had purchased the house and he plan to live in that house. I got confused, because that 'Mak Cik' never told me. that she had sold that house. When the Mak Cik came to collect the rental for that month, I asked her about it and she denied. So, I told that Mak Cik, I would not pay the rental for that month, she could take my deposit and I will move by the end of the month. Happened that, the new owner of that house was also RMAF personnel, a AQM in No 2 Sqn (retired PW Rashid bin Buntal).

My third house was at No. 28, Jalan Pelaga 17/14A (the owner, En Rahim stayed at Kampung Baru, KL). I was also not staying long in this house because I got the better house at the same street. So, my last house in Shah Alam was at No 20, Jalan 17/14A (i also forgot the name of the owner- he was staying at Sect 16, Shah Alam. I stayed in this house until I moved to OMQ 121, Lorong Golok, MINDEF in January 1993.

I was very active in that area. I was elected as the Secretary of 'Surau Al Amin', and later became the second Imam for that surau. I was also experienced to be the 'Pembantu Amil' during the fasting months for 2-3 years there. The community in that area was very active and convenience.

Every month the 'Surau' Committee will go to every house to collect 'derma surau' from the 'kariah'. The wooden surau (built up by 'gotong-royong' was upgraded and certified to perform Jumaat Prayers'. I visited twice so far.

The most tearing moment was the time i have to move out from Shah Alam to the Married Quarters in MINDEF. The whole permanent 'kariah' of the 'Surau Al Amin' were gathered to load my household to the 'truck 3 ton' and send me off. I could not hold my tears.

I will not forget them. Imam Mohd Noor bin Ismail, Imam Mohammad Mokhtar (passed away), Bilal Mohamad Nasir, Bilal Shahrom, Hj Abu Bakar (Army SNCO pensioner), Haris Ahmad (Pengerusi Surau), Pak Berahim, Sabil (Army SNCO pensioner), Bakar Hussein (businessman), Shahrom (PPUM), Mahdan Mohd (bank officer), Arshad, Rahman, Zainal (ITM), Murugiah/Kala Kahar and etc.