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This time, i will give you some information about the Malaysian Armed Forces. Just for your general knowledge. Nothing SECRET or CONFIDENTIAL. You can find this info from other websites or armed forces journal or bulletin.

These knowledge remind me during my time attending 'preliminary interview' for Officer Cadet training in Kem Majidee, Johor Bahru, twice. First in 1978 and second one in 1979.

I first attended the MAF cadet interview for Intake 34 in 1978. After doing 'dissatisfactorily' in my first year Architecture in UTM, i felt like to give up. During my long university vacation, I attended the interview in JB. I went through all the phases up to No 3 Board in MINDEF and also aircrew medical in IAMKL. However I did not receive my offer letter from TKC (later on i found out that the letter was not reach to my hand due to unknown reason). So, i came back to report to UTM to repeat my 1st Year. In UTM, i checked with TKC about my position. The officer said that they sent the letter and the offer was closed and the training was started two months ago. Alas.

I still can reember my interview mate from JB, among them were Shahrani Mohd Sany (the son of Gen Sany - former CDF), Mohd Akhtar Zainuddin and Jamaludin (Wak Getah). Shahrany (RAMD) is now Brig Gen Dato, Akhtar (RMAF Heli/fighter pilot) retired as Kolonel TUDM in 2006 and Jamal was discharged (as 2nd Lt) due to drug addict case in 1981.

After I failed for the second time (from UTM), I was hanging for about a year jobless (unjobless means job with salary) in my hometown. Going back to rubber trees and oil palm trees. I really felt guilty to my parents due to my dropout.

Later, I decided to apply (once again) for cadet training. I attended the interview for Intake 37, also in JB with my parents knowledge. Again I went through all the interview phases and finally I reported to SPK Port Dickson in April 1980. You can read my write up under the 'Cadet Day' topic.

What is the relation between my cadet interviews with this topic (Malaysian Armed Forces)?

Since my teenage, I admired to be a pilot and military uniform. So, one of my hobby was collecting info about Armed Forces, especially RMAF. I scored high marks in General Knowledge Test and was appraised by the interviewers for my good knowledge on MAF.

Chief of Defence Forces
(the first Air Force Officer appointed as CDF)



Man Power:

Active duty: 100,000 Men

Active Reserve: 70,000 (Territorial Army)

The Army Organization

Chief of Army

Chief of Army:
Jeneral Dato Zulkefli bin Mohd Zin

Deputy Chief of Army:
Leftenan Jeneral Dato Zulkefli bin Zainal Abidin

Army Field Command
Kem Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur
Commander: Leftenan Jeneral Datuk Wira Ahmad Hasbullah bin Hj Mohd Nawawi PSAT SPTS DCSM DSAP DPMS PAT JSM KAT KMN AMK PJMPPS PPA usawc plsc MA(Lanc) MSS

(Intake TJP37 + Portsea, Australia)

Army Training and Doctrine Command
Kem Imphal, Kuala Lumpur
Commander: Mejar Jeneral Dato Mokhtar bin Perman

Integrated Air Defence Artilery Command
Kem Sungai Besi, KL
Commander: Mejar Jeneral Dato' Hussein bin Tahak

Army Logistics Command HQ
Commander: Mejar Jeneral Dato' Ir Salim bin Ali

4 x Army Division Infantry

1st Division Infantry
Kem Bukavu, Kuching Sarawak
GOC: Mejar Jeneral Dato Awie bin Suboh

2nd Division Infantry
Kem Tun Razak, Pulau Pinang
GOC: Mejar Jeneral Mohd Nor bin Isa

3rd Division Infantry
Kem Trendak, Melaka
GOC: Mejar Jeneral Dato' Razali bin Hj Ahmad

4th Division Infantry
Kem Wardieburn, Kuala Lumpur
GOC: Mejar Jeneral Dato' Zulkeple bin Kasim

12 x Brigade

1st Brigade, Seremban (under 3 Div)
Commander: Brig Jen Dato Abdullah bin Hj Karim

2nd Brigade, Ipoh (under 2 Div)
Commander: Brig Jen Dato' Zulkifli bin Mansor

3rd Brigade, Kuching (under 1 Div)
Commander: Brig Jen Datuk Jeyabalan

4th Brigade (Mechanised), Kuantan (under 3 Div)
Commander: Brig Jen Mohd Zamrose bin Mohd Zain

5th Brigade, Kota Kinabalu (under 1 Div)
Commander: Brig Jen Datuk Masrani bin Paiman

6th Brigade, Sungai Petani (under 2 Div)
Commander: Brig Jen Dato' Abu Muslim bin Ismail

7th Brigade, Kluang (under 3 Div)
Commander: Brig Jen Dato Abu Musa bin Abd Rahman

8th Brigade, Kota Bharu (under 2 Div)
Commander: Brig Jen Abd Rahim bin Abdul Mutalib

9th Brigade, Sibu (under 1 Div)
Commander: Brig Jen Dato Mohd Khir bin Abdullah

10th Brigade (Para), Kem Trendak, Melaka (direct under Chief of Army)
Commander: Brig Jen Dato' Suhaimi bin Mohd Zuki

11th Brigade, Sungai Buloh, Selangor (under 4 Div)
Commander: Brig Jen Dato' Mohd Dalib bin Nasir

12th Brigade, Kem Wardieburn, KL (under 4 Div)
Commander: Brig Jen Redzuan bin Baharudin

Special Forces Group Command (direct under Chief of Army)
Kem Mersing, Johor
Commander: Brig Jen Dato' Abdul Samad bin Yaakob

26 Standard Infantry Battalion
4 xRegular Light Infantry battalion
3 x Airborne Infantry Battalion
x x Mechanised Infantry Battalion
3 x Armoured Regiment
12 x Artilerry Regiment
4 x AD Artilery Regiment
3 x Special Forces Regiment (Commando)

Armour Weaponry

62 x PT 91M(T72M1Z) - Main Battle Tank (MBT)
25 x Scorpion 90
184 x Sibmas 90 -AFSV
211 x Adnan AIFV (ARMED WITH 25MM Bushmaster)
11 x MIFV (modernised Korean KIFV)
460 x Radpanzer Condor (some armed with 20mm)
25 x Stormer APC (some armed with 20mm)
70 x HARIMAU 2000 Scout Car
100 x GWagon Wepons Carrier - ATGW,AGL AND HMG


18 x Keris (ASTROS II) 300mm MLRS
28 x Denel G5 Mk 3 155mm H0owitzer
15 x VSEL FH 70 155mm Howitzer
200 x Oto Melara 105mm Pack Howitzer
300 x 81mm Mortar
29 x Oerlikon 35mm Twin
24 x Bofors 40mm L/70

Air Defence Missiles

12 x JERNAS Air Defence System
500 x SHORAD Starburst (most equipped with LML launchers)
500 x ANZA Mk II
200 x SA 16 IGLA (SAM)

Anti Tank Weapons

  • Bhaktar Sikan ATGW (tow like),

  • Milan 2T ATGW,

  • Metis Missiles ATGW,

  • Eryx ATGW,

  • Bofors AT4,

  • C90 RRB,

  • Carl Gustav 84mm,

  • M 40 106mm RR

Air Defence Radar

  • Giraffe AD,

  • Oerlikan Skyguard,

  • Arthur Arty Locating Radar,

  • Aselsan Askarad GSR
2 x Tactical Bridge MLC 90

Army Air Wing

11 x A109M Agusta (Light Observation Heli)- 881 Sqn, Kluang


The strength of Royal Malaysian Navy (TLDM) is about 11000 to 12000 officers and seamen. The naval fleet command is structured as follows:

Chief of Navy

Chief of Navy:

Laksamana Tan Sri Abdul Aziz bin Jaafar

Deputy Chief of Navy:
Laksamana Madya Dato Mohamad Nordin bin Ali

Fleet Command, TLDM Lumut:
Commander: Laksamana Madya Dato Seri Ahmad Kamaruzzaman bin Ahmad Badaruddin

Naval Region I HQ:
Commander: Laksamana Pertama Dato' Mohd Som bin Ibrahim

Naval Region II HQ:
Commander: Laksamana Pertama Dato' Anuwi bin Hassan

Naval Region III HQ:
Commander: Laksamana Pertama Dato' Abd Rahman bin Karim

Naval Training and Education Command
Commander: Laksamana Muda Dato' Musa bin Omar

Naval Support Command
Commander: Laksamana Pertama Dato' Abd Ghani bin Othman

Naval Bases

  • TLDM Lumut, Perak (Markas Armada)
  • TLDM Tanjung Gelang, Pahang (Markas Wilayah Laut I)
  • TLDM Teluk Sepanggar, Sabah (Markas Wilayah Laut II)
  • TLDM Tanjung Gerak, Langkawi (Markas Wilayah Laut III)
  • TLDM Sungai Antu, Sarawak
  • TLDM Tanjung Pengelih, (KD Sultan Ismail) Johor
  • TLDM Labuan
  • TLDM Sandakan, Sabah
  • TLDM Semporna, Sabah
  • Pusat Hidrografi Negara, Pulau Indah, Selangor (KD Sultan Abdul Aziz)

All the ships in RMN fleet carry the prefix 'KD' means 'Kapal Diraja' or "KLD' (Kapal Layar Diraja) (commissioned by Yang diPertuan Agong).

Naval Fleet

Frigate LEKIU Class

  • 29 KD Jebat
  • 30 KD Lekiu

Corvette KASTURI Class

  • 25 KD Kasturi (FSG)
  • 26 KD Lekir (FSG)

Corvette LAKSAMANA Class

  • 134 KD Laksamana Hang Nadim
  • 135 KD Laksamana Tun Abdul Jamil
  • 136 KD Laksamana Mohammad Amin
  • 137 KD Laksamana Tan Pusmah

New Generation Patrol Vessel KEDAH Class (MEKO A-100)

  • 171 KD Kedah (commissioned 25 September, 2003)
  • 172 KD Pahang (25 Mac, 2004)
  • 173 KD Perak (12 November, 2007)
  • 174 KD Terengganu (launched 6 Disember 2007)
  • 175 KD Kelantan (launched 24 November 2008)
  • 176 KD Selangor (launched 23 Julai 2009)

Fast Attack Craft (FAC) PERDANA Class

  • 3501 KD Perdana
  • 3502 KD Serang
  • 3503 KD Ganas
  • 3504 KD Ganyang

Fast Attack Craft (FAC) JERUNG Class

  • 3505 KD Jerong
  • 3506 KD Todak
  • 3507 KD Paus
  • 3508 KD Yu
  • 3509 KD Baung
  • 3510 KD Pari

Fast Attack Craft (FAC) HANDALAN Class

  • 3511 KD Handalan
  • 3512 KD Perkasa
  • 3513 KD Pendekar
  • 3513 KD Gempita

Submarine Scorpene PRIMEIR Class

Agosta Class (Training)

  • Dahulunya FS Ouessant

Scorpene /Perdana Menteri Class

  • KD Tunku Abdul Rahman
  • KD Tun Razak


  • 11 KD Mahamiru
  • 12 KD Jerai
  • 13 KD Ledang
  • 14 KD Kinabalu

Support Ship INDERA SAKTI Class

  • 1503 KD Sri Indera Sakti
  • 1504 KD Mahawangsa

Auxilarry Ship

  • MV Bunga Mas Lima

LST Inderapura Class

  • 1505 KD Sri Inderapura (decommissioned 2009)

Training Ship

  • 76 KD Hang Tuah
  • MV Fajar Samudra
  • MV Mahsuri

Kapal Tunda TLDM

  • 4 KTD Penyu
  • 6 KTD Sotong
  • 8 KTD Kepah

Kapal layar

  • KLD Tunas Semudra
  • STS Puteri Mahsuri

Aset udara (KD Rajawali)

  • 6 x Agusta Westland Super Lynx 300 (501 Sqn)
  • 6 x Eurocopter AS555 Fennec (502 Sqn)

Training Establishment

  • KD Sultan Ismail - Pusat Latihan Rikerut
  • KD Pelandok -Pusat Latihan LLP
  • KD Sultan Idris I - Pusat Latihan Pegawai /Kolej Tentera Laut Diraja

Special Unit (PASKAL)

  • KD Panglima Hitam


11,000 officers and airmen

Officers' Specialisation

  • Pilot (Fighter, Transport and Helicopter)

  • Navigator

  • Weapon Sensor

  • Flight Engineer

  • Engineering

  • Materiel (Supply)

  • Secretarial (Admin)

  • Air Traffic Control

  • Air Defence Control

  • Fire

  • Special Forces
The Organization

Chief of Air Force

Chief of Air Force:
Jeneral Tan Sri Dato Sri Rodzali bin Daud PSAT PSM SSAP PJN SIMP DIMP PAT SMT KMN AMP PJM PPS PPA MSc(QAU Pak) MA(UKM) ndu mpat psc jt TUDM (370394)

Deputy Chief of Air Force:
Leftenan Jeneral Dato Shahron bin Ibrahim PSAT PSD PJN SIMP DSAP DIMP PAT JMN DJN AMK PJM PPS PPA PNBB MSc(Int Sec) DipMgmtSc ndc mpat psc jt TUDM

Air Operations Command:
Commander: Leftenan Jeneral Datuk Seri Bashir bin Abu Bakar PSAT SMW PJN SIMP SPKK DSAP DPKK DIMP PAT JSM SMP KAT PJM PPS PPA fadc dssc mpat psc jt TUDM (370204)

No 1 Air Division Command HQ:

Location: KL Air Base
Commander: Mejar Jeneral Dato Roslan bin Saad DSAP DIMP SMP KMN KSD AMN PJM PPS PPA MSc(Strat) DipMgtSc fadc mpat psc jt TUDM

No 2 Air Division Command HQ:

Location: Labuan Air Base
Commander: Brigadier Jeneral Dato' Khairul Bakri bin Mustaffa DIMP DPTS PAT JSM KMN PJM PPS PPA mpat psc jt TUDM (370327)

Air Logistic Command HQ:

Location: KL Air Base
Commander: Mejar Jeneral Dato Ackbal bin Haji Abdul Samad DSAP DIMP PAT JSM SAP SMP KAT AMN AAP PJM PPS PPA fadc psc tp jt TUDM (371302)

Air Training and Education Command HQ

Location: Subang Air Base
Commander: Brigadier Jeneral Dato Che Akmar bin Mohammad Noor DIMP DPMP PAT JSM DJN AMP PJM PPS PPA MBA awc psc jt TUDM (370428)

Air Force Bases

Kolej Tentera Udara, PU Alor Setar
Commandant: Kolonel Johnny Loh Kok Hong TUDM
  • No 1 Flying Training Centre (1 FTC)- PC7
  • No 2 Flying Training Centre (2 FTC)- PC7 Mk II
  • Officers' Training Centre (PLP)
  • Institute for Aerospace Technology (ITAS)
  • Training Intitute for Flying Instructor (ILIT)

PU Butterworth
Commander; Kolonel Rahid bin Majid TUDM
  • No 3 Sqn- S61A
  • No 12 Sqn- F5E/F5F/RF5E
  • No 15 Sqn- Hawk 108/208 (to be moved to PU Kuantan)
  • No 18 Sqn- F/A-18D
  • Ammunition Terminal 2
  • Institute of Armament and Explosive Technlogy
  • Simulator Centre (Hawk and F18)
  • 310 AD Sqn
  • 312 AD Sqn (Western Hill)
  • MATRA 3

Institut Latihan Tentera Udara (ITU), TUDM Ipoh
Commandant: Kolonel Tarmizi bin Alias TUDM

PU Subang
Commander: Kolonel Wan Normazlan bin Che Jaafar TUDM
  • HQ for Air Training and Education Command
  • No 2 Sqn- F28/F900/BD700/BBJ737-700
  • No 16 Sqn- B200T Super Kings Air
  • No 20 Sqn- C130H/C130-10/C130-30/KC130H
  • Center for Aerospace Engineering and Service Establishment (PUSPEKA)
  • Air Materiel Depot (MATRA) 2
  • Administrative and Management Training Centre (PLPP)
  • PULLS -G Training Centre (under IAM)

PU Kuala Lumpur
Commander: Leftenan Kolonel Hj Ahmad Affendi bin Shuib TUDM
  • HQ for No 1 Air Division Command
  • HQ for Air Logistic Command
  • No 10 Sqn- S61A/AS61N9/S70
  • Staff Conversion Flight Unit (SFCU)- MD3-160
  • Electronic Warfare Support Center (EWSC)
  • Institute for Aviation Medicine (IAM)
  • Air Materiel Depot (MATRA) 1
  • RMAF Band

PU Kuantan
Commander: Kolonel Hj Ibrahim bin Hashim TUDM
  • No 6/9 Sqn- hawk 108/208
  • No 17/19 Sqn- MiG29N/NUB
  • No 3 FTC- MB339CM
  • 320 AD Sqn- (743D)
  • 401 Starburst Sqn (SHORAD)
  • Ammunition Terminal 1
  • Air Materiel Depot (MATRA) 4
  • Aerospace Management Institute (IPRA)

PU Gong Kedak
Commander: Kolonel Hj Mohd Fauzi bin Hj Ahmad TUDM
  • No 11 Sqn- SU30MKM
  • 321 AD Sqn (Bukit Petri)
  • MATRA 5 (in the project)

PU Labuan
Commander: Kolonel Abd Mutalib bin Abdul Wahab TUDM

  • No 5 Sqn- S61A
  • No 14 Sqn- C130/C130-30
  • Ammunition Terminal 3
  • 340 AD Sqn (Bukit Kubong) (RAT31DL)

PU Kuching
Commander: Kolonel Suhaimi bin Hussein TUDM

  • No 1 Sqn- CN-235-220
  • No 7 Sqn- S61A
  • 331 AD Sqn (S605)

TUDM Bukit Jugra
CO: Kolonel Hj Mohd Nadzri bin Dashah TUDM
  • Regiment HQ (MAREJ)

TUDM Bukit Ibam
CO: Leftenan Ivan John Row a/l Arthur Henry Row TUDM

  • 322 AD Sqn (743D)

TUDM Bukit Lunchu
CO: Leftenan Kolonel Hasnan bin Kassim TUDM
  • 323 AD Sqn (RAT31DL)



  • 19 x Hawk Mk 108/208
  • 10 x MiG-29N (inc 2 x MiG-29UB)
  • 8 x F/A-18D Hornet
  • 6 x F5 (3 F-5E, 2 F-5F dan 2 RF-5E)
  • 18 x SU20MKM
  • 8 x MB339CM (FLIT)


  • 10 x C130 (incl C130, 2 x KC130H, PC130H, 1 x C130-10 and C-130H-30)
  • 8 x CN235-220
  • 8 x Cessna 402B
  • 1 x F-28
  • 1 x F900
  • 1 x BD 700
  • 1 x BBJ737-700


  • 4 x B200T Kingsair


  • 28 x S61A4 (Nuri)
  • 2 x AS61N1 -VIP
  • S-70 Blackhawk - VIP
  • A103 Alouette (Training)


  • 6 x MD3-160 Aerotiga
  • 30 x PC7
  • 17 x PC7 Mk II


  • 1x Radar Marconi S605
  • 2x Radar Martello
  • 3x Radar Alenia